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  2. Waqas, This is a very good idea. I would suggest creating an event using Calendar. In that way everyone on the forum be aware of this. Thanks.
  3. Farooq bro, I meant the sketch for the the loads and bending moment diagram from ETABS. I am afraid we cant open and check your ETABS model.
  4. Right now there is one position open for SEFP FB Page but I would like it to be assigned to any of our female member. This would be to keep gender equality. The mentoring coordinator post is still open and I need help formatting guidelines and setting up the program.
  5. Salam Request to the admin and open to comments/suggestions from other senior members. I suggest there should be an open monthly/bi-monthly/tri-monthly meeting of forum, city based, with the members available in different areas of the country. This is necessary to improve the activity on the forum as well as concrete output from the discussions on the forum. At first Rawalpindi/Islamabad City circle may arrange a meeting after eid , i propose the date 8th,9th july, second weekend after eid. Out-city members are also invited to attend the meeting.
  6. i am volunteer myself for any kind of job for the SEFP !!! i can convince some members also to whom i have personal interaction.
  7. Forgot to add that I have assigned a few colours to roles as well. Admins and Mods are red
  8. Thats great!!! SEFP VIP i liked most.
  9. Correct. My reply was generic. I just wanted to highlight that the provision should be used with a grain of salt.
  10. Dear All, I have just finished modifying a bunch of stuff related to member roles and I am very excited to announce it. There are some new member roles that have been created: 1) SEFP Associate As you know that I have been requesting help with a number of stuff on SEFP and there are very generous people who have volunteered. To recognize their effort, I have created this role. An example is @Saad Pervez, who is doing an excellent job running our Social Media pages. From now onwards, you will find him assigned to SEFP Associates. Thanks Saad for your help. 2) SEFP Contributor There are a few members who have been with us through thick and thin. Because, they have regularly answered questions and contributed to forum by not only providing information but their engineering judgement, this role has been created in recognition of their efforts. @Ayesha has been assigned to this and we look forward to add more members to their club. 3) SEFP VIP @EngrUzair deserves this without any question. He is the most senior member of the forum providing invaluable support. Not only this but he has also been a teacher at our beloved Alma Mater. I have created this category in recognition to his efforts. We "might" be adding very few people to this role in upcoming years. 4) Moderators and Super Moderators Our current staff consists of @waqar saleem, @Rana and @BAZ. @Rana and @BAZ have global moderation over the forum and @waqar saleem is currently moderating all the technical sections. They all are doing a great job and I am very thankful them. Because of overall moderation assignment, I have split moderators in Super Moderator and Moderators. Supermods might also get portion of Admin rights over coming years. I have a plan for that but nothing set in stone. Like always, please provide your feedback and let me know what else should be done/ undone. Thanks.
  11. footing is of 6ft thickness for which i proposed more than 2 layers of temp/shrinkage reinf.
  12. Its debatable but a very good point to highlight. Good.
  13. Great share Waqar.
  14. True but it would also depend on how thick the member is. For thin members (lets not get into how thin is thin) two layers top and bottom might be more than sufficient.
  15. this provision is not applicable to minimum shrinkage temperature requirements case. temperature/shrinkage reinforcement should be placed in 2 or 3 layers from top to bottom, because just two layers at top and bottom will not serve the purpose and shrinkage cracks will definitely propagate.
  16. A catastrophic event of landslide, slope cutting without protection is very dangerous, one should avoid or keep proper considerations. VID-20170511-WA0009[1].mp4
  17. But keep in mind, this would change the building system and R factor.
  18. Are you running cracking analysis? If yes, thats the reason. If no, then are you using the same modifiers as in ETABS?
  19. Please provide a sketch.
  20. Just be extra cautious about the uplift due to geometry of the structure under gravity loads. Make sure you provide enough thickness to counter it.
  21. Just to add what Ayesha said, I remember way back, that to convert the triangle and trapezoidal loads to equivalent UDL you multiply it by 1.33 or 1.30. As I mentioned refer to Reynold's book, it explains various cases in detail. Following is an attachment from Reynolds's Reinforced Concrete Designer's Handbook - 10th Edition
  22. That is correct. Just ask your geotechnical engineer to do that for your. UBC 1636.2 defines soil profile type based on shear wave velocities. For types SC and SD, you can directly use average field standard penetration resistance as defined in 1636.2.2. For shear wave velocity (the question by OP), I am dead sure that SPT correlation can be used. Here is the history why: I was recently involved in assessment of several centrifugal stiff shaft pumps. In order to calculate the dynamic response of foundation, dynamic soil properties like shear wave velocity, dynamic modulus are required. The pumps were pretty old. While looking at the geotechnical reports for the pump foundation, I noticed that the geotechnical engineer had used SPT N correlations to do calculate soil shear wave velocity. So I know, they can use that. So ask your geotechnical guy to furnish you that info. Thanks.
  23. I would just add that in choosing suitable locations for structural walls, the following additional aspects should be considered: 1. Locate the walls at the perimeter or periphery of the building to get the best torsional resistance. 2. Locate your walls so that they carry as much gravity load to the foundations as possible. This would reduce uplift forces in the foundation and also would reduce flexural reinforcement demand in the wall. Thanks.
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