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  2. Lol. We all are on different pages. Everybody is talking about different technique and everybody is not getting what other is saying. I think we should all improve our writing skills.
  3. I think Mr. Ilyas is right. I drew a none property section from center to center of two columns and applied load on it. ETABS says "the load is not transferred".
  4. Dear Ilyas column will take load and without any issue, in SAP or ETABS we draw center-lines, so why column will not take load? Regards
  5. column will not take axial load in etabs,if you are applying at 0.75 inch from centriod of column
  6. Can you share the error code or number?
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  8. hi everyone,i need urgent help,am running amodel in etabs2015 but after analysis and then design check,then you go to start detailing it says error encountered in opening drawing set up.then i thought it was my computer that was slow but i tried it on the i7 but gave me the same answer.

  10. Respected engineers. can anyone tell me that what is difference between 1st and 2nd order analysis? specially related to steel structures also.
  11. because it is a easier way to get maximum deflections, moments and shear on the beam having pick up column.
  12. They have to be fixed or else your framing would be unstable. You can call it a cantilever wall system. On a general note, I would advise to have braced bays in such a case(where slabs are pinned connected) in addition to walls. Thanks.
  13. For 1, the discussion is only for cases where the connection allows moment release like explained above. You can't use it for all configurations. Coming to your question, if your connection is pinned, that means you don't have any moment, but your slab is still part of the lateral/ seismic load path and you need to design for the forces it is transferring to the wall. Check cord, collector and whatever is applicable. 2. You can detail it based on wall or column's contribution to total shear being resisted. Walls are detailed for ductility as they attract lion's share of floor shear . Columns aren't detailed to the same level (it is not a very good comparison aals both items behave differently and parallels can't be drawn) because see previous sentence. Use judgement. Thanks.
  14. What about if columns at base are fixed and lateral resisting system becomes a cantilever column system? First of all in flat slab system, connection is not hinged with shear walls or columns. Else it becomes a cantilever system for lateral loads. See above comments. Yes but would you design the system as cantilever columns? and make sure base is always fixed? Consider flat slab as wide shallow beam spanning between columns. Lateral load is resisted by axial and bending stiffness of beams and columns. Beams and columns will bend in double curvature developing the frame action. However in case of cantilever system (beams pinned), there will be no shear force and hence no moment in beams only the axial force and hence axial deformations. In columns there will be only bending deformations not axial. Several definitions; Aspect ratios Walls resist in-plane bending and shear, columns usually resist biaxial moments Rigid body rotation at base in case of walls poisson effects in shell elements as far modelling and fea is concerned Columns are usually compression elements, walls develop tension compression over large area.
  15. What do you mean by load will not be transferred to node in second option?
  16. I have to points: 1. That means in shear wall -flat slab system case we dont need to design the flat slab for seismic effect. I mean its enough to design the slab for dead and live loads. 2. how we call vertical element a column or a wall ?
  17. load will not be transfered to node in second option.
  18. R.c Hibbeler's structural analysis is also worth reading and enjoying 😁
  19. The situation what I can think of where a slab panel allows rotation at end, is where you have got a precast slab panels bolted to the face of a shear wall. Such a connection shall allow moment to be released and shear and axial to be transferred. Now, seismic force shall be transferred from slabs to walls as an axial force of slab and a lateral force to shear wall through the shear connection. Please see attached sketch. Thanks. Shear wall and slab pin connection.pdf
  20. RT @FadelSoliman: . @ElBaradei مرسي سيدك أنت لك عين تتكلم !!

  21. yes you can assign load of pick up to beam.
  22. Apply the moment manually or draw dummy cantilever line.
  23. How to apply "ECCENTRIC LOAD IN ETABS"? Like if i have a 18in*18 in column and load is applied 0.75 inch away from the centroid, how do i apply it?
  24. Why do you want to do this?
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