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    Hey My name is Omar I'm Jordanian and Palestinian and currently a civil engineering student at Jordan University of Science & Technology in my last semester. I've found this forum while searching for people to help me and I hope I can contribute to this community too Greetings
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    machine foundation (ACI351.2-10,ACI351.3-04). and for floor vibration ISO 2372
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    design Floor Slab in Grade

    1. First of all, you need to understand how to design the slab on grade (SOG) through hand calculations. Later on, you may develop a spreadsheet or use some patent software to do it using a computer. 2. The references given above provide design methods (pca, WRI, COE etc), dealing with different types of SOG (e.g., unreinforced, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned etc.) subjected to various types of loads (uniform, line, wheel & post loads). 3. Before starting the design, you will need to go through the reference available with you (i.e., ACI 360), and a. Select the SOG type from the Section 7 onwards, applicable to your case. b. Study the design requirements from the relevant section c. Determine the type and intensity of various loads, the slab will be subjected to during service. d. Solve the relevant design examples, given in the appendices of ACI 360 to understand various design parameters, charts, equations & their application to the design. e. Using the design prameters applicable to your slab, design the SOG by following the procedure adopted in the reference design example. HTH Regards.
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    design Floor Slab in Grade

    You may use following sources for designing floor slabs resting on ground:- a. Designing Floor Slabs on Grade by Ringo & Anderson, 1996 ( Link ) b. ACI 360R-10 Guide to Design of Slabs-on-Ground Regards.
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    2d analysis is never recommended with walls above. https://wiki.csiamerica.com/m/view-rendered-page.action?spaceKey=safe&title=Modeling+uplift+and+foundations+on+soil+supports
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    Ahsan Kazmi


    @Rana i want to understand how it matters?
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    Slab deflection in ETABS

    If the building is regular as you said with same column sizes, axial shortening should be same provided loading and gemoetry all are same and symmetrical. Gravity deflection on same combination should be same at each level. And by deflection i mean z deflection not x.
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    Hello, I'd like to contribute to this forum three excel sheets of my design, Nothing too fancy but that's what I'm capable of The first is a singly reinforced concrete beam - one layer. (Don't use the shear design it's not complete) with ACI 318-14 The second is a hollow core pretension-ed slab analysis using PCI to check the stresses limits, design strength and Mcrack The third excel is an analysis method for seismic design of reinforced concrete water containing structures. ( I've done this very recently if you spot any error in it please inform me ) with ACI 350.3-06 and IBC/ ASCE 7-10 Sheets.rar
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    From Palestine with love <3

    Welcome aboard Omar
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    Box Culvert Design

    Following documents may be helpful in connection with structural design of single & two-cell RC box culverts:- 1. Box Culvert Design Example-MnDOT 2. RCC BOX CULVERT - METHODOLOGY AND DESIGNS INCLUDING COMPUTER METHOD 3. Design coefficients for single and two cell box culvert 4. AASHTOWare CVT1_Two-Cell RC Box Culvert Example More documents related to the current topic, are available here:- Structural design of two-cell rc box culvert Regards.
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    Slab deflection in ETABS

    That is due to unsymmetrical stiffness of vertical members. This however isn't the subject of our discussion. Are you using any live load reduction factors? What is the difference in vertical deflection of the slab in 2 consecutive floors and what is the location of that maximum vertical deflection?
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    Importing from Etabs to Safe

    please share your model for understanding
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    Slab deflection in ETABS

    this deflection shows in Etabs is global deflection, this will increase due to axial and lateral deformation of the members globally, if you check deflection individuallly with respect to each floor value than u will find the same deflection
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    Slab deflection in ETABS

    You shouldn't have it. If you want to investigate it please provide what combinations are governing. Here is what you should do: 1) Do a gravity only analysis use load factor of 1 to see what results you are getting. 2) Do a lateral only analysis to see what results you are getting without any gravity load. 3) Compare results and check model for errors. Just because other people are getting the same problem, doesn't mean the problem is there. We need to define a basis. I don''t use ETABS so I can't do checks on my own. If you want my input, please provide the results as requested above.
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    Sections 11.1 & 11.2, and Table 11.2 (cases 16 to 19) of "Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, 7th edition, by Young and Budynas", provide necessary explanation and formulas for the analysis of flat plates subjected to concentrated loads. These might be helpful for you. Regards.
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    Check this out: http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/docs/journal/20/20_1_38_ocr.pdf
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    @EngrJunaid, I have got some experience in machine foundation design. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help. Thanks.
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    Wsalaam, Source: https://www.degruyter.com/downloadpdf/j/mmce.2013.9.issue-1/mmce-2013-0001/mmce-2013-0001.pdf Hope that helps. I have also attached the document here so it is easy to download. Thanks. Comparative Study of Codes for Seismic Design of Structures.pdf
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    waqar saleem


    Dear friends, An experienced transportation engineer is required at islamabad office of a consultant firm, please email cv of any interested professional at waqar.cameos@gmail.com. 8-10 years experience required in design of highways. Regards
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