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    Follow the link below, I hope this will clarify your query. https://wiki.csiamerica.com/display/etabs/ETABS+v7%2C+v8%2C+and+v9+Translator
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    Hafsa Azmat

    Raft Modeling In Etabs

    why there is even a need to apply coefficient of subgrade reaction on wall?
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    Normally, a lower version file may be opened directly in a later version of same software. So, start ETABS 2016 & try to open your older version .edb file directly. In case it does not work, you my use text input file (having .et extension) of your ETABS 9.7.4 model, for importing it into ETABS 2016. If you still face some problem, describe it here, for further advice.
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    Ahmed Waqar

    raft punching

    Bo at the edge and corner is different moreover there are 2 more formulas if punching for corner and edge columns. If you consider this then see result
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    Raft Modeling In Etabs

    Make one and post for us please!
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    Membrane rotational stiffness

    This would help.
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    In my opinion, ETABS and Safe are the most commonly used softwares for buildings and foundation analysis followed by Staad. In general, a very few companies use licensed softwares. Like 99% structural softwares being used are cracked and pirated. For FEA SAP200 is used. For CAD nearly all Pakistan uses AutoCAD. It is easy to get cracked softwares then to find a licensed dealer in Pakistan.
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    why you are giving Raft for a two story building? Rcc material will definitely give higher strength , But to create a cost analysis of the two materials carry out quantity survey and compare with your market price
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    Thank you Ayesha this will help!
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    Please see the article http://docs.csiamerica.com/help-files/etabs/Menus/Assign/Shell/Shell_Assignment_-_Insertion_Point.htm
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    Temperature Loading on walls.

    What are the restraints to circular walls? Is it open from top? The circular shape is it self restraining (hoop stresses). Outward and inward? Yes, if bowing action but you need to apply gradient temperature then in softwares. Sign will determine if it bows outwards or inwards. Which software you are talking about? Yes application of any load in any software and even in papers depends on the direction in which you want to apply. Yes 1.2 factor for T, but not all combinations. You need to find out logically where you will need to use 1.2T. I mean effects should not be counteracting.
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    Bearing Capacity

    I dont think code dictates that but yes common sense sure does. I wouldnt design foundation unless from some source I have the bearing capacity information. Even if it is preliminary design and you put a note that "the foundations have been designed assuming.....capacity", you should do some research of nearyby buildings. You cant just guess, i think.
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    raft punching

    Depends if the sheet is correct? Does the sheet take into account moments?
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    engr.junaid farooq

    How to control story drift??/

    Assalam-o-Alikum... dear rasheed for that sake you have to provide shear wall to control the storey drift.
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    Pile Design

    @UmarMakhzumi.. @Ayesha...Thank You for your concern. Yes we r on the same page . However my interest was only to highlight the fact that pile cap design is not like slab, due to pile spacing criteria and typical patterns, it will behave like a deep beam in almost every structure. However i feel there is no proper technical inputs on this component of structure and engineers follows whatever practices are in their offices. In this regard i would like to add little knowledge as per my experience , that unlike the normal slab, the critical sections for maximum FORCES will also be changed , it needs 5 to 6 special investigation as per the reference handbook mentioned in commentary of ACI. Regards
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    job opportunity available at MM Pakistan Lahore office. kindly send your CV and salary requirements at hira.malik@mmpakistan.com
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    Raft Modeling In Etabs

    For raft in ETABS or SAFE you will use area springs. You can assign springs by going to this menu Assign>Shell/Area>Area springs. You can also use point springs instead of area springs, but for that you have to multiply area spring stiffness value by the tributary area on that specific node that means if your mesh is not regular, you have to calculate point spring stiffness value for each spring
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    What kind of machine is that ? Would the operation of machine induce any dynamic forces in the foundation ? If yes, then pile design is a total different story. The static design of pile is easy. Depending upon what kind of pile you select (friction, end bearing) Consider your pile cap as rigid plate and find reactions at pile locations and design. Thanks.
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    Pile Design For Machine Foundation

    Vertical resistance of piles will depend on soil conditions; insure enough skin friction, or bearing capacity at bottom of pile according to external vertical forces. In case of machine loading, you will also need to provide for ability to shear and bending stresses. Check for punching shear in pile cap. Check out this book for guidance. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5ffxjcq4jyqcpt/Pile%20Foundation%20Analysis%20and%20Design_H%5B1%5D.%20G.%20Poulos%20%26%20E.%20H.%20Davis_1980.pdf
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