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  1. why not? any good reason why it can't be used?
  2. Final Year Project

    Blast "proof", nothing is proof, i guess. Second, doing blast analysis in bachelors is in my opinion too much work/understanding. Question: What you want to pursue in future (atleast next 5 yrs)? hard core structural engineering design? if yes, then do something related to a bigger scope giving you an overall understanding instead of a specialized topic. if no, you could do anything then. Just my opinion.
  3. Thanks for sharing, will study more about this. The usual practice is to assume hinge for isolated foundations unless they are massive, and fixed for raft in analysis.
  4. Yes agree with @BAZ that foundation must be strong enough to allow forming hinge at base of column but my point is that this is the usual assumption in normal code based design along with many other assumptions. Yes, we can go a step ahead to non-linear design and soil structure interaction but usually thats not done. Please correct me if wrong, I think that all is done in weaker soils and high seismic zones, so I personally have not experienced this kind of analysis.
  5. what else is required in conventional codal design other than proper detailing and developing bars for ductility? I found this useful; https://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/tc/common/pdf/business-partnerships/resources/concrete.pdf
  6. 2D-Plate Analysis -Safe

  7. Look for the staad manuals for software related nomenclature. structural concepts are same and you could refer to any good book on rc/masonry design or can ask a specific question here.
  8. R/f at top in isolated footing

    Uplift will reverse moment diagram.
  9. Solid slab

    Yes, why not, who is stopping you?
  10. ACI 318 clause for beam and column definition

    Beams are flexural members only designed for the major moment and shear without axial load effects. However, column design is more accurate as you can account for biaxial bending plus axial load effect on shear. Infact all the beams can be designed by this approach. However, generally beams do not have huge axial loads or minor bending. Thats why it is simplified.
  11. Strap Footing

    I developed this sheet long time ago. See the attached. Strap footings design.xlsx
  12. Column design with eccentric beams

    oh okay, i thought are something else. Actually most of the columns or beams in practice are eccentric. Its just the extra moment due to e. Rest of the design process is same. Even if they are concentric, you design for minimum eccentricity. In precast, all the supporting columns/walls/beams are eccentric due to ledges, haunches, corbels and nibs.
  13. Column design with eccentric beams

    What are the eccentric beams btw? I am not familiar with the term.
  14. Beam deflection in Etabs

    Hover the mouse over the beams, thats beam deflection.

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