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  1. Need CISC Manual

    Dear Seniors! Anyone having CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction ) manual. I need it for finding Bx (monosymmetry constant )values for steel sections. Thanks
  2. Dear Seniors! I have modeled a 3-storeys building in 2B zone but my drift values are exceeding the maximum limits (0.02) although i increased column and beam sizes.. Kindly, suggest me what alternatives i need to consider??? Thanks!
  3. give me your contact number

  4. Building Drifts In Etabs

    Thanks rana waseem bhai for nicely explaining the topic and it has cleared all my doubts about drifts. thanks again..
  5. Uzair bhai , Actually this is one storey steel shed structure in Lahore column size is 15 x 15 inches,concrete used is 2500 psi and reinforcement steel is 20 mm diameter.Column spacing is 20 ft ,height of column is 6ft and axial load applied on column is 146 kip. i am afraid of neglecting the hook (development length) at the bottom of column as we can insert only straight dowels. Thanks!
  6. Rana Waseem bhai we grout anchor bolts in already existing concrete section for installation of steel structure but i was not sure about reinforcement steel whether code allows the grouting of new dowels of columns or not??? Thanks!
  7. Dear Seniors, One of our running projects has layout problem in which columns are out of 10 inches from center line.We need to adjust it as we have to install steel shed above it.Now there are two options,either we have to dismantle the footings or we have to drill holes and grout new dowels with chemicals.Now the problem is that what should be the depth of drill and if we drill hole then hook (development length) can not be provided. So please give me suggestions based on your experience.We are using 20 mm dowels and axial load is 146 kip. Thanks!
  8. Request For Sincere Advice About Job Selection

    EngrUzair bhai,thanks a lot.... So i decided to join a design consultancy and will not join construction job.I cannot sacrifice my interest as i will then never get any opportunity in design. Thanks again
  9. Dear Senior Brothers, I am 2013 graduate from U.E.T Lahore.I have 14 months site experience and about 9 months as a planning engineer.From the start i had keen interest in structure design job but unfortunately i got stuck in site job.I have 40,000 salary in this job but now i am getting an opportunity at site having salary of 50,000.But i want to switch this job to a design job.Where ever i apply they say you are fresh although i have experience at site. Now i want sincere and wise advice whether i should join design (my interest) or site (good package)???? If you suggest me design job then what procedure should i adopt to be selected as a design engineer.? Thanks! Your brother Abdur Rasheed
  10. Thread Slippage Of Anchor Bolts Criteria??

    Yes rana waseem bhai you are right but i did not find slippage load range in ASTM F-1554-07.If you have ASTM F-1554 then please send.I couldnt find it. Thanks!
  11. Thread Slippage Of Anchor Bolts Criteria??

    Thanks a lot Engruzair bhai..I have these two cods
  12. Thread Slippage Of Anchor Bolts Criteria??

    My question is whether this test is ok according to code and if it is ok then which code we can use for it. Thanks!
  13. Dear Brothers, We have performed slippage and mechanical tests for anchor bolt of 20mm diameter.I got result which shows 126KN Breaking load and %age elongation is 18.8%.i have attached file herewith for further details. Thanks!
  14. Career Guidance From Your Experience....

    Dear iamcivilengineer, As you are final year student so you should make concepts regarding the field in which u r interested.If u r interested in design then u have to learn basics of structures and softwares like sap,safe ,etabs and staad etc.And if u have interest in planning then learn primeravira and MS project and fidic guide etc.For field work you will have to learn Testings like lab and field tests.For that you need to join a construction company. But it is upto u which field u choose. Thanks!

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