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  1. How to import multilevel raft foundation from etabs to safe. main designer has designed it as a raft foundation with a bearing capacity of 150 kn/m2 but after the site development and excavation we found a hard strata that can with stand with 250 kn/m2(as per the soil report). as total depth of raft is 1 m that is too much for 5 storey car parking, i want to modify it with 250 raft overall with inverted panels under column. but i am not able to import that multi level foundation reactions as a one file in Safe. because in etabs u can only export one storey . please give your helpful suggestions.
  2. yeah i find that but how to analyze and design that slab............. I need some literature regarding the design
  4. Dear engineers, i have a concrete shed with arched type roof (barrel vault). i am not sure how it will behave structurally (Membrane or Shell). i need your help to start it if following ways. need some reference for basic structural design methodology of such structures. your opinion which software can do this better (Etabs , sap or any other) how one can do the modeling......... you can share your work if you had already done.