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  1. israr_sari


    I am trying to investigate the effects of soil structure interaction on the rigidity of multi-storey RCC framed structures and other parameters (under the action of earthquake loading.) In order to accomplish that i am using sap 2000 for the modelling. what i need to do i have to model soil support as (uni directional as well as three dimensional) : liner elastic Non-linear elastic Elasto-plastic i am little bit confident with first two that i can do something (still suggestions and comments would be appreciate) but i am struggling to model the behaviour of Elasto-plastic soil. is there anyone have experience of modelling that in sap 2000? even any literature that could be helpful for the modelling would be appreciate. One more thing for the analysis purposes i am using linear static analysis approach as it is widely using by engineers throughout the world. (how far my assumption is correct: i need your valuable comments) thanks and my best regards
  2. israr_sari

    Multilevel Raft Foundation

    How to import multilevel raft foundation from etabs to safe. main designer has designed it as a raft foundation with a bearing capacity of 150 kn/m2 but after the site development and excavation we found a hard strata that can with stand with 250 kn/m2(as per the soil report). as total depth of raft is 1 m that is too much for 5 storey car parking, i want to modify it with 250 raft overall with inverted panels under column. but i am not able to import that multi level foundation reactions as a one file in Safe. because in etabs u can only export one storey . please give your helpful suggestions.
  3. israr_sari

    Shell structures/ Concrete barrel vaults

    yeah i find that but how to analyze and design that slab............. I need some literature regarding the design
  4. israr_sari

    Ramadan Mubarak

  5. Dear engineers, i have a concrete shed with arched type roof (barrel vault). i am not sure how it will behave structurally (Membrane or Shell). i need your help to start it if following ways. need some reference for basic structural design methodology of such structures. your opinion which software can do this better (Etabs , sap or any other) how one can do the modeling......... you can share your work if you had already done.

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