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  1. May i put it like, if the strain ranges from .002 to 0.004 then it is more like under reinforced and above it is tension controlled?
  2. Salam, What is the difference between the under reinforced and tension controlled section? Are they same with the exception of strain values of steel.? Many Thanks
  3. Salam, I hope you all are doing well. while reading, i came across the different design philosophies working state design (WSD), Ultimate Strength Design (USD) and Limit State Design but couldn't figure the exact difference among them. Can you put some light over these theories. One more what is the difference between secant and tangent modulus of elasticity and when to use them? Thank you.
  4. Asala,-o-alaikum, I need an advice regarding postgraduate studies. By grace of Almighty I received an admission letter from Technical University Dresden, Germany in ACCESS (Advanced Computational and Civil Engineering Structural Studies) program. And Inshallah will have admission letter from Swinburne university Australia as well. As I graduated in 2015 and have not landed a proper structure job yet, so i need a suggestion that should i go with masters or gain some experience prior to it? Thanks.
  5. sorry means, heavy beams beneath the pick up columns.
  6. Live load factor zero means, in combination we make live load factor zero.? what if we do not make live load factor zero still do we need to increase reinforcement by 20%? Can we said that a simply supported beam require more bottom reinforcement as compare to fixed?
  7. one thing i would like to ask, as said by Rana Waseem provide same at top at bottom no matter what the results. One conventional practice is to increase the bottom reinforcement by 20% but why?
  8. Asalam-o-alaikum, I'm working on a Ground +3 residential bungalow. The column position assigned by architect seems quite vague to me and i think that number of columns can be reduced but as I'm an beginner need seniors advice. The attached file is an architect plan. Furthermore, are there any standards for column placing/positioning? if yes, then what are those? After designing a structure what check must be performed before handing over the design results? And any literature about pick-up beams? Thank you, hope I haven't flooded the post with question. arch jawad drawing.dwg
  9. Thank you, I'll study it from scratch and will discuss it again. It is a pleasure to learn from you people.
  10. Asalam-o-alaikum, what the term mode means and how we compute the mode? I've been told that mode is used to determine the time period of the building and the mode 1 has the maximum time period so no need to check further mode. is that correct? and how we determine the mass participation of building through mode? thanks.
  11. here is Edb file THESIS.EDB
  12. Thank u I've attached $et file THESIS.$ET
  13. facing a problem regarding shear wall design piers and spandrel are are failing although i have increased the thickness upto 18" couldn't figure it out need help. THESIS2.txt