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  1. Is it compulsory to remove rust from lap bars or dowel before pouring concrete,i have heard that rust increases bond between concrete and steel if it is in permissible limit. For more information and sources! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-For-Reference-Civil-Engineering/1418113711847117?ref=hl
  2. I had heard that many firms are offering the money about selling PEC number my question is,is it legal?
  3. I have been puzzled that at what consideration ETABS calculates defection of beam after analysis when we have not described a proper reinforcement in the section,either it assumes amount of reinforcement or it omits the reinforcement in the calculation of deflection. plz help me!
  4. Sir I am fresh graduate of civil engineering and wants to go in the structural engineering and building construction field.
  5. I want to ask from you that which books i would read so that i could pass test and also those which would help me in designing and feild work.