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  1. AOA hope you will be fine how to calculate building joint displacement from etabs specially for EQ loading and what are the code allowable limits for that .?
  2. thank you for your positive response
  3. AOA Hope all will be fine i am facing problem to modal waffle slab in etabs? A good structure is blessing for others.
  4. sir if i consider it as a gable frame and find the momment and reaction at the base than how i will design the footing than?
  5. it is actually an entrace gate having 15 inch thick arch and column are tilted at angle of 15 degree
  6. How to design a column footing having width of column = 5' and decreases up to 3' at top of slab.??
  7. AOA,as we take the affective depth 2.5,3 ,4 less than actual height when we designing doubly reinforced or singly reinforced beam ....so as there any hot and fast rule for taking these values...please guide me??
  8. thanks so much sir
  9. assalamualkum i m student of undergrad and wana to know the topic for project in designing buildings so plz help me