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  1. Hi I can obtain every structure Global Stiffness Matrix. Now I want to obtain Lateral Stiffness Matrix. Does anyone know how i must generate this matrix from Global Stiffness Matrix. Or is it completely impossible and i should use another method??
  2. Hi. I'm reading a thesis about structure control and it says it shifts save nodes DOFs to master node but I do not know how. I think it wants to make several bays equivalent to one bay. Does anyone have any idea how it does that. Thank you Thesis Link: 2.3 MB http://oaktrust.library.tamu.edu/bitstream/handle/1969.1/ETD-TAMU-2008-12-208/CHA-DISSERTATION.pdf?sequence=1
  3. NO Need To Answer. I Understood It Is The Most COMPLETE Program I have ever saw
  4. Hi First of all I want to say thanks because of this beautiful program code But How you enter The Element length and forces applying to the nodes? I really Couldn't Understand Best Regards

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