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  1. Dear all,i found out the reason why column reinforcement was 1℅ in all columns and it was that i had erroneously assigned oversized column dimensions in some columns. But my second querry yet remains unanswered that is whether the building be modelled as a whole or separated into two portions in order to avoid errors.thnx n regards
  2. Etabs version 9.7.5 also have the option whether to condider minimum eccentricity or not
  3. Dear waqar I'm uploading architecture and edb file of the model.i have separated the building by providing expansion joint.the file in etabs model is one portion of the building, I'm working on it.secondly if we dont want to provide expansion joint thn wat to do? coz when i model the entire building then lots of errors are coming so i separated the building now there aren't any errors.all suggestions will be highly appreciated.thnx n regards STATIC MODEL.EDB STATIC MODEL.$ET AMMALGAMATION PLAN-Model.pdf
  4. R.c Hibbeler's structural analysis is also worth reading and enjoying 😁
  5. Dear Uzair, I'm also facing the same problem.my building is in zone 2A,soil sd,all spans are less than 25ft,slab thickness 6",size of columns and beams are 12"x30" and 9"x18" respectively. Seismic load cases are 4. End result is all columns are having steel 1%.is it ok to have same %age in all columns? Or something is definitely wrong? Secondly building shape is pretty regular and no of stories are eight.rigid diaphragm assigned.etabs version 9.7.5. but i just remember i erroneously defined 25% live load in mass source command as the building is for purely residential purpose as against Warehouse or a garrage where we define 25% of L.L.?
  6. Thnx a lot for ur kind co operation.i ll check it
  7. Wat abt static analysis!! How to get T if performing static analysis.i think go to TABLES, isn't it?
  8. interesting discussion!!! but how can we check T i.t the fundamental time period in ETABS?
  9. interesting discussion!!! but how can we check T i.e the fundamental time period in ETABS?
  10. Kindly elaborate the second point sir,thnx
  11. Aoa dear S.Es Wat is the criteria for selection of a particular type of a foundation especially with reference to an RCC building? e.g A RAFT or SINGLE FOOTING?
  12. Dear Baz, From your discussion,wat i hv been able to conclude is that a column will b designed as a Short column(neglecting p-delta)or Long column(including p-delta.is it so,sir?
  13. Aoa respected SEs.it has been learnt that p-delta effects are considered under certain conditions.it is not necessary to consider it in every project.wat are the conditions? When to include it n when not? Elaborative comments will be highly welcome.thnx n regards
  14. THNX for reply sir it wud b convenient for me if u write down step by step procedure for adding load combos.can u plz write down step by step procedure for adding load combos,i also hv seen ur ETABS CHECKLIST but still im unable to understand.hope u understand my point.looking for ur expert comments.
  15. Dear experienced fellows, a comprehensive material on load combos is required,entailing a complete philosophy of load combos DCON1,2,3,4 etc n UDCON 1,2,3 Etc.wat is difference between these n wat is correct procedure of using combos in Etabs ver 9?is it adding all default combos or are there separate combos for STATIC and DYNAMIC ANALYSIS? Wat is enveloping of combos n how it it done.wat is difference between service n ultimate design combos?does this mean strength design or allowable stress design combos? In books i hv read only basic load combos i.e LRFD(Strength design) and ASD thn how to make derived combos from that basic combo.In a nutshell wat steps shud we follow if we r designing a model using STATIC Analysis.thnx n regards