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  1. i did Miss it, :')
  2. Thanks @waqar , IA i will Surely contact you for help. Can i get your your email Address?
  3. Do nothing, At least no one can make me responsible for.
  4. Salam, i love Structural Engineering and know about its basics, Currently i am working in small consultancy in Islamabad, there Design is mostly on Previous Experience, i mean, no Detailed calculation involved, no Seismic Design, all they do, is just Go conservative, i just need someone in Islamabad or pindi, Who can be my mentor, with Whom i can meet once in a week or two and can discuss my model and analysis results, Although i think i am doing right, but i just need a little confidence. thanks,
  5. The Best way you can quickly pick it look towards the Negative moment on support always provide Reinforcement perpendicular to the support for which negative moment is shown ,,
  6. Got Almost All of that , Thanks you, Sir Rana Waseem and Ayesha.
  7. Manana @UmarMakhzumi
  8. 1. We provide beams at plinth level all around the building under the walls. These beams rest directly on ground above lean concrete. Should we also model them in ETabs model???? is this practise correct? should we Design it Like normal beams, (More conservative) ?. Or for Reduced moment? (As they are supported along the length) 2. During seismic analysis we specify our Range from Base or Basment of The building to the top or from Ground to the top.? 3. should we include Plinth beams in our latteral force resisting system? thanks.
  9. Nearly a month Ago, i found this forum, i think this forum is on of my best teacher, i open it on Regular basis, Read threads and Enjoy, The two man i am inspired of are Sir @Rana Waseem and @Umarmakhzumi, May They live long and Happy, May Our Country have much more like Them, Aameen
  10. Thank you Waseem Sir, This is A four Storey Building having Basement Shear walls and Having Two Elevators Which are not Symetric about X Axis, Will make it symetric and then will hear from you,
  11. @Rana Waseem @UmarMakhzumi need your Help as this is My Final year project , thanks
  12. i have attached the photo of Modal mass participation Ratio of the Model, is The first mode is Torsional? As the RZ is 0.19 of the mass, and Can we allow Torsion in first mode? and is the First or the 2nd mode is the Fundamental one?
  13. now i understand that moment Transfer depends upon the Relative Stiffness of Slab and beam. thanks