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  1. Isolated Footing at different levels

    Thank you very much.... Others are requested as well to give their opinions.....
  2. Isolated Footing at different levels

    Thank you. Here is a illustrative drawing>> So, then we have to provide tie beam as in picture. Am i correct? Which is more appropriate? providing footing as in picture Or Levelling the whole site to match the lower footing level??
  3. Isolated Footing at different levels

    Thank you for the reply.. To make things further clear.... Do we have to design the building accordingly or Adopt depth as per site conditions?? For example, Say footing depth in a building is designed as 1.5 m below ground level. But on site, one of the footing lies in a depressed zone, so footing depth won't be 1.5 m in that footing. What should i do in such case?? DO I go deeper in that one particular footing OR Compromise on the footing depth OR Go deeper in rest of the footings to match the depth in that particular footing??
  4. Is it possible to provide isolated footings at different levels??

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