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  1. Engr. Muhammad Usman Khan

    Concrete Compressive Strength

    Assalam-o-Alaikum! Dear All, I have some questions, someone might help me get clear my concepts. Thanking you in advance! 1. Is there any other method to access fresh concrete compressive strength other than that we cast concrete cylinders/Cubes during casting and test them on 7 days or 14 days or 28 days and judge the strength. 2. Before poring the concrete, how can we ensure that the concrete has correct water cement ratio i.e. The amount of cement is as per required amount? 3. What is the problem with using cement (having some lumps) in preparing concrete. 4. Complete Process of Concrete Poring? 5. How to find yield strength of steel in field? Is there any method to judge it other than tensile test report or Not?
  2. Engr. Muhammad Usman Khan


    Assalam-o-Alaikum! Hope every one will be with good health. Concrete Compressive Strength increases with the increasing percentage of Marble Powder as replacement of Cement upto 10 % of Cement, After that it reduces, Why? Any one having any Idea or knowledge regarding this, Please share.Thanks!.

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