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  1. Unable to print summary report in ETABS

    The problem was with it printing the reactions and tabulating eccentricity ratios and drift ratios etc within the text file. It would create the text file till T calculations but the rest of the data would be missing after it gave the "printing error occured" dialog. The only change I was making to the file was that I was changing the stiffness modifiers for the basement retaining wall from 0.01 to 0.0001, except f22 which was left as 0.1. Other than that, I did not change the meshing or anything else. What I dont understand is that how can that cause a problem in it printing the summary report
  2. Assalam U Alaikum everybody. Im trying to display the summary report for my model in ETABS 9.7.4 but its giving the error "printing error occured", I printed summary reports of the same model this morning only but its giving this error now, i thought i had made some blunders in the settings so i reverted back to the source file as it was in the morning but its giving the same error, other models reports are being printed. Help would be appreciated
  3. Modelling raft using ETABS and SAFE

    Thank you Rana sahab
  4. Im a complete newbie and am working on ETABS for the very first time, just completed my Civil engineering degree and am taking my first tender steps into the practical realities of the field. So please forgive me for my lack of knowledge and experience in advance. I am currently working on modelling a G+5 commercial building with basement raft in ETABS. Im aware of the fact that foundation design requires the use of SAFE. However, in this particular project, the columns in the basement are tied with inverted beams that were cast with the raft. I would like to know whether these beams need to be included in the ETABS model or can SAFE account for these beams tying the columns within the raft. Looking forward to any help from experienced users
  5. Welcome Everyone! :)

    Assalam U Alaikum all, especially UmarMakhzumi I tip my hat to you for this great initiative. As for me, i have just completed studies from NEDUET in Civil engineering and am looking to specialise and study master in Structural Engineering. I did a short course on ETABS and have been learning to use the software. Confusions regarding its use brought me to this site and Im glad I found it. Looking forward to learn from all the resources at hand here. Regards, Muhammad Shamiq Saeed

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