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  1. Response Spectrum Analysis in ETABS

    Base located at the ground in that case. Location of Base for Seismic Design.pdf
  2. Beam/column Capacity

    Finally I got it. It's only available for ACI codes.
  3. Beam/column Capacity

    Sorry Sir but still can't find to turn on alert.
  4. Beam/column Capacity

    Can't find Sir, Please help me find.
  5. Performance based design

    I want to learn performance based design. Please suggest me some best sources to learn for free online.
  6. Beam/column Capacity

    Sir how to activate the feature for alert of exceedance of D/C ratio
  7. Etabs Analysis Warning Kindly Help

    Another solution can be reduction of no. of meshing. I think size of meshing depends upon boundary conditions also if I'm not wrong.
  8. Lift design in ETABS

    It was problem with incorrect local axis assignment at 2nd floor cause of multiple edits, I made a mistake.
  9. Lift design in ETABS

    Finally figured it out, thanks for concern.
  10. Lift design in ETABS

    I'm trying to design a 4 storey lift in ETABS but while running detailing, rebar details for 2nd floor doesn't show up neither in elevation nor in section. Have anyone else faced such issue? What might be the problem?
  11. Modelling Two buildings near by

    I got it sir. The mode shapes of two structures that are not connected to each other are independent. That's the reason ETABS not show the mode shape animation of both buildings at once. If you whant to evaluate the interaction of two buildings that are close to each other (e.g. the damaging contact during a seismic event), a dynamic modal analysis is not the way, this is a non-linear problem. A way to assess this issue is connecting both structures with gap elements and performing a nonlinear time history analysis.
  12. Thank you sir. This forum is by far one of the best forum I'm in.
  13. Hello everyone, I tried modelling two buildings which are close to each other in ETABS. When i tried to see time period at different modes. Etabs animated one building only for a particular mode. How does Etabs deal with such models? How can I see the animation of both building at once???
  14. @EngrUzair thank you sir. For your reply. Sir kindly please refer me some document that I need to understand Modal Mass Participation Ratio table better in ETABS. I got below attached output. What might be complications. Also below outputs are appropriate??? As you can see beams near lift failed and one at the corner also failed.

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