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  1. Hello Question regarding choosing between shear walls and moment frame system. Both the systems are provided to resist the lateral forces. Shear wall acts as lateral force resisting system same as Moment frame like IMRF, or SMRF. The value for Response reduction factor is different for different systems according to UBC. If i have a choice to select shear wall or moment frame system which system is better to choose. I know SMRF or is used in areas of high seismic zone thereby less R value and a ductile system. But in case of moderate seismic zone like zone 2A or zone 2B if I have option of providing only moment frames or only shear walls then what is the criteria for selecting such system?
  2. Areeb

    Stiffness Modifiers

    Thanks for the reply. Umar Makhzumi, HafsaAzmat
  3. Areeb

    Collector Elements

  4. Areeb

    Collector Elements

    Hello, One question regarding Collector elements. The code specifies that we need collector elements to transmit the lateral loads from the diaphragm to shear walls or vertical elements.True, but there are cases where we have a flat slab or due to architectural limitations cannot provide beams or collectors in that region. How are lateral forces transmitted in such cases. Where there are no collector elements the lateral forces are not transmitted to vertical elements effectively. Or we have another solution apart from Collectors to transmit the lateral forces from diaphragm to vertical elements. Thanks.
  5. Areeb

    Stiffness Modifiers

    Hello I have a question regarding stiffness modifiers in ETABS. The code(ACI318) specifies us to use stiffness modifiers for walls column etc. What if I use 0.35 as stiffness modifier and not 0.7. What is the effect.I know that we have these stiffness modifiers based upon cracking of section and using these modifiers results in lesser stiffness thereby reductions in attraction of lateral forces.But suppose I want to reduce the lateral forces on walls therby using stiffness modifiers 0.35 for walls and not following the ACI. Thanks

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