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  1. moment of inertia in shear walls

    and why we use cracked?
  2. moment of inertia in shear walls

    usually designer used uncracked section 0.7 value ...
  3. AOA all members ! in designing RC piles what factors govern in providing steel in piles either we consider only for compression section or any others factors too.....that should be consider?
  4. what should we take moment of inertia of shear walls either cracked or uncracked section?
  5. AOA.All members anyone have spread excel sheet for underground water tank......size 60'x18x12'
  6. Box Culvert Design

    AOA! all members .i am designing a two cell box culvert kindky guide how to design thickness of box for shear check ..size of haunch provided.any reference ..from aashto code ..

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