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  1. Hi All. I have been offered to take one technical training/ certification in Pakistan, supported by my organization. Unfortunately, I could not locate any good training institute/ international certification. Most trainings/ certifications are for Mechanical Engineers. I would be glad if anyone could share the technical traininng institutes/ international certifications available in Pakistan for Civil Engineers/ Structural Engineers/ Civil Design Engineers. Please exclude any software training for Etabs, Staad and SAP, Primavera as I have already taken these trainings. Thanks
  2. Well explained by other members. It would be easier if you could share the front and side elevation of this building. Thanks
  3. Reduce lateral displacement

    Introudce shear walls in your building system. You can introduce them around the stair case. The shear wall should span in direction you wish to reduce the displacement. Thanks
  4. Doubly Reinforced Beam

    Well explained by Uzair. Generally, whenever you see more reinforcement on top, it indicates either the beam is doubly reinforced or it is continous. In your case, it appears the beam is singly reinforced as nominal steel is present on top.
  5. Bearing Capacity in Karachi

    Thanks @UmarMakhzumi @EngrUzair I got your point. @miqureshi77 The building is to be constructed in Sindh Secreteriat near MA Jinnah Road Karachi.
  6. Hi all, I am designing the foundations of a small double storey building in Karachi for which no geotechnical investigation is envisaged. Can anyone tell me whats the average allowable bearing capacity in Karachi. Normally in Lahore, it ranges from 0.5tsf to 1.25 tsf. I would be glad if anyone can tell on basis of his experience in Karachi. Thanks

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