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  1. Muhanad

    two way beams and slab design using CSI SAFE

    But please how can i check the nodes connectivity?
  2. *Dear Respect Engineers, I made a one story structure 9 x 9 m with cantliver slab on beams but the negative moment doesn't show in the interior beam in the way we used to find it in the regular designs and regarding the slab strips there is no much negative moment plus: shouldn't the deflection happens in the places (center) of slab surrounded by beams? I have another sample that I made it for a building executed along time ago 9*20m and there was a much negative moment over all the exterior and interior beams but when I model it in SAFE there was on much negative moment over the all the beams . and reflectively the reinforcement was much less in SAFE results than the one we executed. Please any one have an idea.? 8x10 slab.Y~1 9x9 cantliver-1.bmp 9x9 cantliver-2.bmp 9x9 cantliver-3.bmp

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