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  1. Hafsa Azmat

    Stiffness Modifiers

    your assumption should have reason, u can take your decision as per local and regional material quality and quality of work being done.
  2. Hafsa Azmat

    Which FEA / CAD / CAE SWs are most used in Pakistan?

    there are companies in Pakistan which do buy license for commercial analysis programs, my company does and they purchase it online.
  3. Hafsa Azmat

    Membrane rotational stiffness

    Hey Can sm body help me to understand what this membrane drilling rotational stiffness, perpendicular to plane is about ?
  4. Hafsa Azmat

    FEM- internal meshing

    I have read it but by even turning off frame auto meshing , csi manual says there is sm internal meshing of frame objects .( Which i am interested in) If you take a simply supported beam, with no intermediate joints, and turn off the frame auto meshing, program will still subdivide it in elements fr analysis purpose.
  5. Hafsa Azmat

    FEM- internal meshing

    Hey there, I wana know whats the size of frame object auto internal meshing into discrete elements in CSI softwares (Etab, Sap) and how can i see it in my program to verify it, (extrude view is helpful as per i have tried it ). Any reference where they are mentioning it , I have gone through analysis manual but couldn't find it there , or may be i have missed. Please comment your views.
  6. Hafsa Azmat

    Raft Modeling In Etabs

    why there is even a need to apply coefficient of subgrade reaction on wall?
  7. Hafsa Azmat

    Comparison of Masonry and Raft Foundation for Houses

    why you are giving Raft for a two story building? Rcc material will definitely give higher strength , But to create a cost analysis of the two materials carry out quantity survey and compare with your market price

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