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  1. Bending Moment of Frame

    Thanks Ayesha, I want to know why i need to active Ux, Uy, Uz, Rx, & Rz. Why not Ry for 2D Frame analysis in XZ plane? above this condition @waqar saleem solved my problem. I also want to know which degree of freedom should i keep active for 2D Frame analysis in YZ plane.
  2. Assalamualaikum to all I analysed a two story concrete Building in ETABS. After analysis the positive bending moment is +15.80 kip-ft and Negative B.M is -19.99 kip-ft when i design the building frame, ETABS calculate less positive B.M +9.99 kip-ft and negative B.M is -19.99 kip-ft I can't understand why ETABS calculate less positive bending moment in designing? Please help me. Thanks in advance. Screenshot are given here.
  3. Bending Moment of Frame

    Thank you brother. i have got it. But i don't know the meaning of Building Degree of freedom. what does it mean Ux,Uy,Uz. why i use( tick) click on every box except Ry in continuous beam analysis? thanks in advance excepting an analytical reply brother.
  4. Bending Moment of Frame

    Here my $ET file. Please check it Brother. Continuous Beam.$ET
  5. Bending Moment of Frame

    here my EDB file Continuous Beam.EDB
  6. Bending Moment of Frame

    Assalamualikum, I have analyzed a Beam Column Frame. All beam(9"x 24") and column(12"12) are in section. All columns are 20' spaced from each other. I imposed Super Dead Load 2.15 k/lf Live Load 2.65 k/lf In Moment 3-3, For typical load combination ( like 1.2 DL+1.6 LL) why positive bending moment changes due to its story height (marked in red circle) though all story beams are equally loaded. Can anyone tell me the reason? Thanks in advance.
  7. Understanding Reinforcement Output ETABS

    Thanks I want a link where i can download ETABS 2016. can you help me please?
  8. Depth of Foundation

    Thanks brother. what should be the minimum depth(D) of foundation??
  9. Understanding Reinforcement Output ETABS

    Thank you so much brother. what is the meaning of Longitudinal reinforcement 4.2 or whatever a Numeric value? Longitudinal Reinforcement= Rebar parentage x section of column is it??????
  10. Depth of Foundation

    Salam to all, Is there any rules to depth of foundation(Df) Say, I need MAT foundation on SBC=1.43 ksf. what would be the depth of Mat Foundation (Df) from Existing Ground Level.
  11. Assalamualikum, what is the meaning of Longitudinal Reinforcement,Reinforcement percentage in ETABS output. Say, a column reinforcement percentage is 2.3% what is the meaning of it? again, say, longitudinal reinforcement is 4.2 what is the meaning of it? Why do i need to know this parameter?

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