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  1. Shahzad Ali

    special seismic option in ETABS 2016 ????

    It's omitted in recent versions of ETABS. .
  2. Shahzad Ali

    Expansion Joint

    I am calculating building separation as per UBC 97. Should we calculate the INELASTIC Displacement either from SEISMIC FORCE or ULTIMATE LOAD COMBOS? What I understand from UBC 97 code is 'it should be calculated by ULTIMATE LOAD COMBOS'...Please provide reference from UBC97 if it is not so...
  3. Shahzad Ali

    Pile Vertical Spring Constant

    In Pile Foundations, please share any reference for : 1. Pile Vertical Spring Constant= Compression/Allowable Settlement 2. Allowable settlement is usually 1% of Pile Dia.
  4. Shahzad Ali

    Run-Riser Stair

    How can RUN RISER stair be modeled? or anyone have manual calculation?
  5. Shahzad Ali

    Foundation Design In Safe

    SAFE does not perform Overturning check
  6. Shahzad Ali

    Settlement Check In Safe

    I agree with this statement; If you model the linear soil springs and cracked sections right you can get near accurate short term displacements from things like earthquake loads. Soil settlement is not linear, nor modeled properly by a linear spring modulus, so no.....settlement will not come from a SAFE analysis no matter how you model it.
  7. Shahzad Ali

    Settlement Check In Safe

    Some people check settlement of RAFT foundation on SAFE by viewing the deformed shape. Is it fine to do so?
  8. Shahzad Ali

    Secant Piles

    Would anyone please share calculations fordesign of Secant Piles?
  9. Shahzad Ali

    Wind Analysis Error In Etabs

    For a building of 450 ft height, when I start analysis in ETABS, it shows an error that Wind Analysis can not be done as per UBC-97 therefore use ASCE Whats the reason behind?
  10. Why and when do we require to include special seismic data in ETABS? Would anyone refer it from UBC-97?

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