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Found 7 results

  1. Concrete on the building exterior treated to an exterior finish e.g. paint is classified as concrete exposed to weather or not? I am facing this problem in placing the reinforcement, the exterior will be painted and weather protected, should I follow the cover requirements of concrete exposed to weather or not?
  2. I have modeled a simple 6m long concrete circular column of 760mm diameter. I have applied a joint live load at the top of the column. Selecting ACI-318 as design code with frame type as sway special, I get the flexural and shear reinforcement. However, when I change the design code to AASHTO Concrete 2007 in the design preferences with zone 3 in overwrites, I get nearly same flexural reinforcement as by ACI but I observe a huge difference in shear reinforcement. It is to be noted that I have used same combination while designing by both codes. Please check the file attached and explain. G.SDB
  3. Dear members Salam in the commentary of point of ACI code it is mentioned that when compressive strength of concrete increases 10,000psi web reinforcement increases also. we find shear strength 2*sqrt(compressive strength)*b*d, mathematically concrete shear strength(ACI should be increased but it decreases.any reason that justify this suggestion of code??? Thanking in anticipation
  4. Dear members salam in the ACI Fig.R11.1.3.1( it is mentioned that if a beam is loaded near bottom critical shear should be considered at the face of support and not at a distance d from the face of support as in the case of beam loaded at the top.same case is when supporting member is in tension R11.1.3.1(e) relevant commentary and figures are at the link plz check 1.why is it so?why critical shear at the face of support? can practically a beam is loaded near bottom? Thanking you in anticipation for your kindness and guidance
  5. any one having the soft copy of this
  6. Asalamualikum: what is difference b/w reducible Live load and Non-reducible live load(LIVE)in static load cases option? when we use these and what are the condition to use these?
  7. why crushing strength of concreat cylender is less then 25% of concreat cube