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Found 13 results

  1. Can anyone tell me how to do traditional Design of residential buildings in Pakistan using STAAD PRO? Any tutorial will be appreciated
  2. Mechanicos Z

    Column design with eccentric beams

    Hello everyone, I am designing a 2storey RC frame house according to EC2 and EC8 and three of the columns are impossible to design. Two of these columns 13 and 20 are of similar configuration, please see image below. They have eccentric beams connected perpendicular to the column one at each end.all columns fail at seismic load combinations. No matter how much shear reinforcement i add or how much i increase the column section it still fails at seismic combinations. I tried researching why these 3 columns fail and i found out some excessive shear forces are generated at the seismic combinations reaching up to 1000kN in the strong axis of the column.I think this is way excessive considering the fact that this is just a 2storey house and in fact the total base shear of the structure (in the design spectrum acceleration) is only about 900kN. So what do you guys think?
  3. Dear All, I happened to encounter an issue while designing Slender column for which I would like you all to put your feedback on. In, ETABS slender columns are designed with one of the method, moment magnification. (ACI 318-11 10.10.5). This method often result in high magnified moments because of the lower flexure stiffness EI computed from =0.4EI/(1+Bdns) (ACI 318-11 Eq 10-15). This problem is also address in one of the paper from Sturcutre Magazine. http://www.structuremag.org/?p=1005 Has anybody have experience to utilize other method Elastic Second Order Analysis (ACI 318-11 10.10.4) or Non-Linear Second-Order Analysis (ACI 318-11 10.10.3) for design of Slender Column?. Especially with reference to ETABS. I appreciate sharing your kind knowledge and experience. Thanks
  4. Abdul Malik Memon

    Column Placing/Positioning

    Asalam-o-alaikum, I'm working on a Ground +3 residential bungalow. The column position assigned by architect seems quite vague to me and i think that number of columns can be reduced but as I'm an beginner need seniors advice. The attached file is an architect plan. Furthermore, are there any standards for column placing/positioning? if yes, then what are those? After designing a structure what check must be performed before handing over the design results? And any literature about pick-up beams? Thank you, hope I haven't flooded the post with question. arch jawad drawing.dwg
  5. Please clarify the following confusions one by one:- 1. If we run P-delta analysis in ETABS, then should we ignore stiffness property modifiers for beams and columns? I have heard that if we perform P-delta analysis and apply stiffness modifiers at the same time then the moment magnification process is doubled...? 2. ETABS considers selenderness of a column by applying moment magnification factors. If we run P-delta analysis also, does it mean that the selenderness of column is being over-estimated? I mean once the moments are magnified in P-delta analysis process and again through moment magnification process? Please help me understand the software myth and clarify above confusions.
  6. Dear all; I have one story- I found that the designer designed the columns only for axial loads neglected the moments from slabs... well I thinks it will work in case of gravity loads only. But this system will not carry a 1 Newton lateral load since its unstable system against lateral loads because the column model will be hinge at the top and pin at the bottom. please lets know your opinions
  7. mhdhamood

    Beam Or Column To Design

    Dear all; How to decide if shall I design the section as beam or as column. because as we know the horizontal element (beam) may also have axial force in addition to moment. like a column. I mean is there a limitation for the value of axial force to be neglected and then we deign as beam ?
  8. AOA Respected Seniors ! At station location 0.00 In column reinforcement summary the longitudinal steel is very high as compare to other location in the same column. My friend told me to ignore the 0 location reinforcement and provide the rebar in the column according to other station locations. here is a snapshot of the column summary, so should i ignore the location 0 reinforcement ???? THANKS in advance.
  9. ahsun

    Column Splice Length

    How can I calculate the required splice length for column? What will be effect on the structure, if someone on site provide the column splice length less than the required length? Will it create problem in load transfer or moment or stress? What is the minimum column splice length can be provided? (With ACI Code Reference) Regards,
  10. waqar saleem

    Column Failure!!!

    salam Dear fellows we have two concrete columns C1 and C2 with heights x and y .C1 is on the land and C2 is submerged in water.it is a test so there is no steel in the columns.we need to find the x and y on which these two columns will fail by crushing at the base. Regards
  11. When is the right time to consider designing a shear wall instead of a column?Can you please guide me on some code provisions regarding this matter. what do you prefer, design a column with a cross section of 42"x10" or a structural wall of the same dimension? Both will be subject to gravity and lateral loads.
  12. waqar saleem

    Stocky Column!!!

    what are stocky columns?where and why they are used ??
  13. waqar saleem

    Circular Column Minimum Bars

    salam everybody http://www.sepakistan.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png what should be the minimum number of bars in a circular column???can we use just one bar at center of column?some said that one bar at center cant be used,minmum six bars should be used.

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