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Found 10 results

  1. Assalamualaikum SE pakistan in general placement of rebar, i always see that the rebars set on the same spacing. These are 2 columns they have the same ratio of reinforcement, same dimentions, but the placement of rebar about 2 axis the A one has larger d than the B one and according to calculation its obvious that the A one gives the larger moment resistance(M3) , which one give the best overall resistance i mean not only the moment resistance but to overall ? the A one or B one? Regards
  2. Concrete Exposed to Weather

    Concrete on the building exterior treated to an exterior finish e.g. paint is classified as concrete exposed to weather or not? I am facing this problem in placing the reinforcement, the exterior will be painted and weather protected, should I follow the cover requirements of concrete exposed to weather or not?
  3. I have modeled a simple 6m long concrete circular column of 760mm diameter. I have applied a joint live load at the top of the column. Selecting ACI-318 as design code with frame type as sway special, I get the flexural and shear reinforcement. However, when I change the design code to AASHTO Concrete 2007 in the design preferences with zone 3 in overwrites, I get nearly same flexural reinforcement as by ACI but I observe a huge difference in shear reinforcement. It is to be noted that I have used same combination while designing by both codes. Please check the file attached and explain. G.SDB
  4. Modeling of Deep Beams

    Can we model a deep beam in ETABS by simple frame element? If not then please explain the other way.
  5. We are looking for some reference for placement of concrete in tunnel. What is the maximum horizontal length of placement of concrete and at what interval we can place the next adjacent pour of concrete.? Is there any code limitation on this or we can go to the next pour placement.?
  6. Dying Buildings

  7. Fracture Energy Of Concrete

    If concrete fc'=17.82 MPa, is there any relation from which I can find its fracture energy? I have seen CEB-FIP codes, they give the fracture energy with respect to aggregate sizes. I dont have aggregate size for my concrete. Now when I am doing finite element modelling, so I require fracture energy. Is there any approx. values of fracture energy with respect to concrete strength? Thank you
  8. Concrete Materials

    Any One here familiar with about how to use fullers curve in packing of aggregates?
  9. Bridge Design Procedure

    Assalam O Alaikum Respected Members, Hope you all are doing good. Does anyone here know what is the procedure of bridge design. Or can anyone link me to any tutorial from where i can get guidance. I have a very basic understanding that too of the grillage design but want to know more about bridge design. Thanks.
  10. salam i have problem related to defining concrete material i have attached the image. its shown there that mass per unit volume of concrete is 2.24 and weight per unit volume of concrete is 8.68 while the units are kip-in. and fc'=4ksi. i want to know how both these value comes?? and if fc'=3ksi then what will be the values of these two?? i-e mass per unit volum nd weight per unit volume???

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