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Found 4 results

  1. Assalamualaikum, Im designing a connection beam to column and in AISC 360 sec J10 there are some parameteres we got to check on the column, such as web sidesway buckling and web compression buckling. Ive been searching anywhere in the internet but didnt find any failure illustration of these parameters. Could some of you please draw the failure illustration of sidesway buckling and web compression buckling? Thank you.
  2. Assalamualaikum, Im designing a connection a pipe to pipe, between this pipe i have to add a plate to connect the pipe with welds. How can i determine the thickness of the pipe? Do i just design it based on tension load on the pipe? Cause my senior said that theres an eccentricity and i have to design it to resist such loads, but im not sure. Heres the figure of the drawing. Regards Groszni

    Assalamualaikum, im designing beam to column connection, i wanted to know what are some limit states on the beam and also on the column? and also i need a correction in my design, heres what i did : 1. designed the top and down flange groove weld to resist tension caused by Mu, Tu=Mu/(h-1/2tf.2) 2. designed amount of bolts on the web based on shear force 3. designed the connection plate on the web based on the shear force / axial (tension force) on the beam. 4. designed the fillet weld based on shear force acting on the beam what else i have to check/design? thank you regards.
  4. Rigid Joint Connection In Sap2000

    Assalam o alaikum... how can we assign rigid connection to a simple frame consisting of two vertical columns and one Horizontal beam in sap2000.....??

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