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Found 4 results

  1. Dear all; I was thinking about at the mid support of continuous beam , if we can stop the top steel only distance of development length into the mid support (not to be continuous ) is that possible ?? As I can simpy think; it is possiple cz the steel to work shall be developed from the critical section and that condition here exist. Discuss please Regards
  2. ahsun

    Column Splice Length

    How can I calculate the required splice length for column? What will be effect on the structure, if someone on site provide the column splice length less than the required length? Will it create problem in load transfer or moment or stress? What is the minimum column splice length can be provided? (With ACI Code Reference) Regards,
  3. Assalam o alaikum. According to ACI 12.5.2, development length for fc' = 3000, fy=60000, for normal weight concrete and epoxy less reinforcement, The required development length comes out to be for #3 = 8.2 inch for #4 = 10.95 inch for #6 = 16.42 inch for #8 = 21.9 inch And if in my case, ACI 12.5.3 is not fulfilled, it means now i have to provide ldh as mentioned above. ldh is STRAIGHT EMBEDMENT LENGTH + RADIUS OF BEND + ONE BAR DIAMETER as shown in figure attached. Now my question is, if in my case, main reinforcement of beam is of #6 and #4, minimum column size required will be 18 inch and 12 inch respectively. Lets say by any means, i can not select #4, #3 bars and size of column where bars are to be terminated is 12 inch, how to fullfil this development length???
  4. Waqas Haider

    Aci 12.10.1 Confusion

    Assalam o alaikum, I m getting confuse in wording of ACI 12.10.1 under main heading of 12.10 (Development of Flexural Reinforcement), which says "Development of tension reinforcement by bending across the web to be anchored or made continuous with reinforcement on the opposite face of member shall be permitted." What does it want to say, exactly?

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