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Found 26 results

  1. Foundation Design

    DEAR SIR, can you please tell me, Why foundation is designed for STATIC LOAD CASES only. Why not we design foundation for RESPONSE SPECTRUM CASES. In our office for G+24 also we design foundation only for STATIC LOAD CASES, is it wrong if we do foundation for static load cases
  2. Depth of Foundation

    Salam to all, Is there any rules to depth of foundation(Df) Say, I need MAT foundation on SBC=1.43 ksf. what would be the depth of Mat Foundation (Df) from Existing Ground Level.
  3. Assalamu Aalikum, Hi, I am a new member. I have a plot measuring 30*70 feet. Most of houses being built here (in Rawalpindi) have masonry foundations (a pyramid of bricks on PCC or sometimes the PCC layer has three to four iron rods of size 3/8 or 4/8 in this "PCC" layer. I want to make a raft foundation instead of masonry foundation but the cost seems to be high. I want to ask if I make a raft 1 feet thick and put a single mesh of center to center distance 12 inch. Even this will cost more but if it gives more strength then I want to go for this. Would such foundation more durable and strong?
  4. Dear fellow engineers, In a refugee camp reconstruction, we have the following dilemma: First, we have an existing retaining wall, height up to 4.5 meters, thickness ranging from 0.25 to 0.4 m. On the back of the wall we have existing an layer of cyclopean concrete :height up to 4.5, width 3m, and length along the wall. A 5 story building is to be built over the cyclopean concrete. This means that the Raft of the building (0.5m thick) will lie directly above the existing wall. The question is, what is the calculation required to ensure that this wall will withstand the loads of the raft?
  5. For calculating the bearing capacity of soil (using N values), the equations for mat foundation and single footings is the same or its separate for each??
  6. From engineering point of view, it is really very amazing to see a complete city builtup in water ways, in a lagoon. How did they make the foundation system of buildings completely all the time underwater? Really interesting article here is. It also explains some modern challanges to the city i.e. flooding due to raised levels of sea and an inteseting solution to this problem. https://sites.google.com/site/engineeringvenice/
  7. I m designing a 4 storey building on a poorly graded sand with SPN value of 5 and allowable bearing capacity of 0.5 tonn/sq.ft..... for the mat foundation, i provided beams of 18 x 36 and mat thickness as 24 inches ... however the soil pressure are still above safe bearing capacity.. My question is should i assign line spring property to the footing beams or not??? The area of footing is also increased but the stresses are still high...
  8. Assalam o alaikum, i m confused whether collectors and chords are only required in Flat plates/slabs or also required in beam slabs? because in beam slab we are having beams at perimeter of every panel and they can act as chords and for diaphragm bending and as collectors at junction of slab to shear wall. Usually, in seismic zone 4, i dont design diaphragm exclusively. i just design it as simple slab and design my beams in SMRF or Dual Frame in etabs. Also i m confused in excerpt from a document stating The Special Seismic Load combination is also indirectly identified in Chapter 18, Section 1809, Foundation Construction – Seismic Zones 3 and 4. 1809.3 Superstructure-to-Foundation Connection. The connection of superstructure elements to the foundation shall be adequate to transmit to the foundation the forces for which the elements were required to be designed. For instance, since Section 2213.5 Column Requirements specifically identifies the Ω0 factor, Section 1809.3 requires the column-to-foundation connection to be designed for a load combination which includes the Ω0 factor. What does it mean? In seismic zone 3 or 4, we need to design foundations for special seismic combos ALWAYS or only if we r having discontinuous system? The full document is also attached. Thanks. OmegaFactorDiscussion.pdf
  9. Salam Dear Sefpians!! I have to design a foundation for a 15m high floodlight pole, dia of the pole is 10 inches, pole is welded with the baseplate (provided by manufacturer), how the forces will be transferred to anchors. what forces will be on anchors. how forces will be transferred from anchors to foundation. anchors will be embedded in-situ concrete. Regards
  10. Superb Person

    Salam Dr.Amjad Saqib!!! I love this person for his efforts to reduce the poverty with dignity. Founder of Akhuwat Foundation speaks from his heart,wondefully . Listen to his speech at TEDx
  11. assalamualaikum sepakistan usersi wanna ask what are the considerations of using this ribraft foundation thing?what are the advantages and disadvantages?what are some load applied on it?how do we design the slab and the beam?thank you.
  12. Multilevel Raft Foundation

    How to import multilevel raft foundation from etabs to safe. main designer has designed it as a raft foundation with a bearing capacity of 150 kn/m2 but after the site development and excavation we found a hard strata that can with stand with 250 kn/m2(as per the soil report). as total depth of raft is 1 m that is too much for 5 storey car parking, i want to modify it with 250 raft overall with inverted panels under column. but i am not able to import that multi level foundation reactions as a one file in Safe. because in etabs u can only export one storey . please give your helpful suggestions.
  13. 1. We provide beams at plinth level all around the building under the walls. These beams rest directly on ground above lean concrete. Should we also model them in ETabs model???? is this practise correct? should we Design it Like normal beams, (More conservative) ?. Or for Reduced moment? (As they are supported along the length) 2. During seismic analysis we specify our Range from Base or Basment of The building to the top or from Ground to the top.? 3. should we include Plinth beams in our latteral force resisting system? thanks.
  14. Eccentric Footing

    I am looking for software or a spread sheet to design an eccentric isolated footing. Can anybody help me with that??
  15. Design Of Footing In Safe

    Hi All I am designing a footing for pre-engineered structure and mainly wind loads govern in such scenarios. Before I was using MAT 3D for footing design but now I want to design the footing using SAFE. I just want to know that how to apply wind loads to the footing and what about the horizontal forces that are coming. Should I have to convert them into moments by multiplying the horizontal reaction with the Depth of footing (vertical distance from top of the pedestal to the footing base)? Secondly, how to check the adequacy of the footing in SAFE and uplift??? Thanks
  16. Mat Or Footing Option In Safe

    assalam o alaikum, Dear Seniors, Kindly clarify what is the difference between MAT and FOOTING option in SAFE while defining slab property. Thanks.
  17. Tie Beam Design

    Assalam o alaikum seniors, I am searching for some design example of TIE BEAM DESIGN.... I am having sap reactions of all the columns.. I need detail of manual design of tie beam. Or info how to design it. I also want to design it for differential settlement of columns and for lateral loads also... How shud i take these loads in my design??? If i design this beam in sap2000, i apply gravity load and support settelemnt of 25 mm at one end of beam and design it, will it be OK? Shud i take soil reaction from bottom or shud i neglect it? Jazak Allah...
  18. Dear All, is there any idea, how to design foundation on reclaimed soil above sea... Building is warehouse... If it required pile foundation, then what will be the depth of pile foundation... or any other idea...
  19. I want to design a foundation for high tension cable tower for seismic. Can any one have experience about it and have any related material? kindly share with me. Towers are 150 ft in hight. Also design both towers which are 400ft apart.
  20. Raft In Etabs

    when we have raft foundation, is it necessary to draw it as we draw slab or just select all the joints at base level and turning them to fixed support will generate the effect of raft in analysis?
  21. Dear members, does the footings are effected by wind and earthquake loadings?it is said that the wind and earthquake doesn't effect the footings but the superstructure.
  22. Minimum Thickness Of Footing

    Dear members, what should be the minimum thickness of footings according to ACI?is it different for different kind of footings mean for isolated, strip, combined and mat or raft?please the mention the ACI section
  23. Pile Design

    kindly reccomend me a book or software for pile designing...
  24. SAFE perform iterative uplift analysis,any one having experience how to check the results of this analysis???what is the purpose and scope of this analysis???
  25. Can any body give me referrence of clause which is generally used in foundation design that is "33 increase in bearing capacity of soil is allowed under application of wind or seismic loads"

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