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Found 4 results

  1. Muqtadir

    Steel Design by ASD or LRFD?

    Working on a steel structure, I used LRFD as well as ASD. The fact that some components of the structure fail in ASD while in LRFD they pass with nearly minimum stress ratios, has left me in an awe. Kindly put in your reviews to which methodology should be adopted and what might be the flaws in using ASD or LRFD concerning Steel Structures. Thanks.
  2. Abdul Malik Memon

    Design Theories

    Salam, I hope you all are doing well. while reading, i came across the different design philosophies working state design (WSD), Ultimate Strength Design (USD) and Limit State Design but couldn't figure the exact difference among them. Can you put some light over these theories. One more what is the difference between secant and tangent modulus of elasticity and when to use them? Thank you.
  3. Waqas Haider

    Economy of ASD Vs LRDF

    Assalam i alikum, Can any one explain me this line please? This is from the book of Z.A SIDDIQUE PRC PART 1 ''Strength design becomes economical as compared to ASD when dead loads are relatively larger compared with live loads'' Thanks.
  4. I have modeled a simple 6m long concrete circular column of 760mm diameter. I have applied a joint live load at the top of the column. Selecting ACI-318 as design code with frame type as sway special, I get the flexural and shear reinforcement. However, when I change the design code to AASHTO Concrete 2007 in the design preferences with zone 3 in overwrites, I get nearly same flexural reinforcement as by ACI but I observe a huge difference in shear reinforcement. It is to be noted that I have used same combination while designing by both codes. Please check the file attached and explain. G.SDB

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