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Found 5 results

  1. Salam Dear friends i need guidance on the foundation of masonry structure (2 storey residential with partial basement) on week soils, (BC 0.75tsf), which foundation will perform better, i) an strip RCC footing with an upstand/down beam under the wall. ii) strip RCC footing without beam.Share your experiences and any other good suggestions. Regards
  2. Dear Seniors, I am designing a 3 story (Basement+Ground+First floor) masonry House. Till now i used to design only the wall footing and slabs in masonry structures but now i want detail guidelines for Masonry structures.
  3. Can somebody help me to design load bearing strucutre, BS code is only code writen for massonary strucuture , i am also looking for a book in which load bearing design example are provided, so if somebody have any information than inform me.
  4. i want to model beam whose ends are resting on masonry wall in etabs,if i assign hinge or roller support to end points of beams how the load,moments and shear will transfer to below elements if it is a mulistorey building
  5. how i model infill masonry wall in frames for analysis in etabs?