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Found 5 results

  1. waqar saleem

    RCC Design Without Modifiers

    Dear fellows! I have observed that some senior engineers have not been using stiffness modifiers in their designs. What is the concept behind i am not clear . As we design RC for strength, section is cracked and to cater for this cracked section, property modifiers are used as per ACI 318-11 10.10.4 (stiffness requirement) ACI 318-11 8.7 (stiffness requirement) UBC97 1630.1.2 (modelling requirement) so why whole section is considered in design. is there any other logic which i couldn't understand. Regards
  2. bouse for Mr. Rupendra Bista.EDBin etabs reducing the property modifier 'moment of inertia in 1 and 2 direction' to 0.35 for concrete beam drops reinforcement required in beam to minium. And when increasing the moment of inertia of concrete beam section in 1 and 2 direction, reinforcement required in beam increases while that for column drops to minimum required. why? please somebody explain it to me. Thanks in advance? here is a residential building attached here with. why is the reinforcement in beam so low? is it a practical result?
  3. Retaining walls in ETABS absorb much of base shear if our whole basement is confined by retaining walls,what is the correct way of modelling retaining walls? can we neglect them in the model?or if we model them what are the correct modifiers for them, I am vetting a project in which the designer put all the modifiers to 0.7 in membrane and bending and retaining walls is absorbing 54%of base shear in X direction and 46% in Y direction is this the correct way of modelling???
  4. waqar saleem

    Property Modfiers_Etabs!!!

    Respected Members, what is the main purpose of property modifiers in defining farme sections in etabs and how we can relate them to theoretical knowledge??

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