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Found 3 results

  1. I am designing a 10 storied industrial building . Architect used a slanted wall in the front elevation of the building for aesthetic reason. But for structural framing I need to model this shear wall in ETABS. Is is possible in ETABS or I have to use any other software?
  2. waqar saleem

    RCC Design Without Modifiers

    Dear fellows! I have observed that some senior engineers have not been using stiffness modifiers in their designs. What is the concept behind i am not clear . As we design RC for strength, section is cracked and to cater for this cracked section, property modifiers are used as per ACI 318-11 10.10.4 (stiffness requirement) ACI 318-11 8.7 (stiffness requirement) UBC97 1630.1.2 (modelling requirement) so why whole section is considered in design. is there any other logic which i couldn't understand. Regards
  3. SAP Import Export Problem SAP Import and Export $2k File Today I faced a very strange problem in CSI SAP. Have you ever faced such a problem in your structural analysis tools? Same model file was used which yielded different results under following 2 scenarios:- 1) 1-The original file was run in SAP. 2) 2- Then this file was exported in text format and imported again. Value of TIME PERIOD of both the models were different and we found out that there is about 300kN difference in Self Weight of elements. I examined both the text files in MS WORD Compare Document feature and found out that a beam having depth of 700mm has been added in new model (model based on importing the text file) on various locations other than the original one. While in the model when I showed selection only for this 700deep concrete beam I found it to be everywhere in the model. I will explain the solution of the problem in next lines. Actually the original model exported from ETABS to SAP so I cannot confirm whether all this discussion holds good too for the models originally created in SAP or not? Actually there were some NULL lines (created originally in ETABS) in the model. When you export the model as a text file and import it back it does not recognize the NULL lines but rather it applies those elements the first available section which in my case was 700mm deep concrete beam. So that’s why I got 300kN more self weight in the model due to these beams. So next time you export your model to SAP and send its text file for review to another person or firm, be informed that it will give them wrong results. So always send them SDB file.

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