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Found 27 results

  1. Android App for SEPAKISTAN

    Dear Developers of SE PAKISTAN, I would like to congrats you for making this useful website and thanks for your efforts and dedication for continues working on this site. As technology grows and people's are more handy to run android apps. So I would like to request you to launch android app for this website
  2. Dear All, The forum has been recently upgraded with tons of new features. Please take a minute and explore the new items. Your feedback is much appreciated. You can check out the following thread that summarizes biggest changes to forum. Thanks.
  3. Dear All, I have just finished modifying a bunch of stuff related to member roles and I am very excited to announce it. There are some new member roles that have been created: 1) SEFP Associate As you know that I have been requesting help with a number of stuff on SEFP and there are very generous people who have volunteered. To recognize their effort, I have created this role. An example is @Saad Pervez, who is doing an excellent job running our Social Media pages. From now onwards, you will find him assigned to SEFP Associates. Thanks Saad for your help. 2) SEFP Contributor There are a few members who have been with us through thick and thin. Because, they have regularly answered questions and contributed to forum by not only providing information but their engineering judgement, this role has been created in recognition of their efforts. @Ayesha has been assigned to this and we look forward to add more members to their club. 3) SEFP VIP @EngrUzair deserves this without any question. He is the most senior member of the forum providing invaluable support. Not only this but he has also been a teacher at our beloved Alma Mater. I have created this category in recognition to his efforts. We "might" be adding very few people to this role in upcoming years. 4) Moderators and Super Moderators Our current staff consists of @waqar saleem, @Rana and @BAZ. @Rana and @BAZ have global moderation over the forum and @waqar saleem is currently moderating all the technical sections. They all are doing a great job and I am very thankful them. Because of overall moderation assignment, I have split moderators in Super Moderator and Moderators. Supermods might also get portion of Admin rights over coming years. I have a plan for that but nothing set in stone. Like always, please provide your feedback and let me know what else should be done/ undone. Thanks.
  4. All, Starting today, I would be experimenting with some advertisement options on the forum. That would include making ads visible to guests (non-registered members) only. It would also help me estimate the amount this site can pay for itself. Right now, the estimated projections are very low in-terms of revenue (5-10% max of yearly budget). Members would always see a clean forum (no ads). Guests, however would be subjected to Ads. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. Thanks.
  5. Hello Everyone, Here is a list of new features in the upcoming update: Updates to Editor ( @EngrUzair might like this one ) Fluid Forum View ( @Rana check this out) Reactions Recommended Replies (Moderator Related Stuff) Content Messages (Moderator Related Stuff) Leaderboard Enhancement Richer Embeds Forcing Members to Complete Profile Improvements to Social Sign In Clubs (Clubs will allow forum members to create their own groups in the forum and discuss things other than structural engineering) I am very excited about all these improvements. Stay tuned for more. This update is expected to roll out in summer. Thanks.
  6. All, You can now get a free email @sepakistan.com. All you need to have is more than 25 posts (Title of Lieutenant). The email is a forwarding email, meaning that you get to keep your original email and all emails sent at your email@sepakistan.com will show up in your original email inbox. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  7. Hello Everyone, If you ever wanted to contribute towards SEFP, here is your chance. We at SEFP need help with the following: 1) 2 volunteers to help us run our Facebook page. If you don't mind taking 10 minutes out each day to share a few articles from this website to the Facebook page, then this position is for you. 2) SEFP Mentoring Circle Coordinator is required. We are planning to start Mentoring Circle and would need someone to be the co-ordinator of the program. If you are interested, please let me or any other moderators know. Thanks.
  8. I think its time now to categorize questions based on the difficulty level. For example; A toddler asking very basic question like what is mass source or time period, should be classified under lets say Easy or 0 or Beginner or Simple etc category. And as such specific moderators should be assigned to take care of that forum. Then we can make other sections like moderate or difficult. Where one really need to relearn/review the question and think about the answer carefully. I think all the internet is full of the same basic questions like time period, base shear etc. Isnt it the time to take SEFP a step ahead and not just another forum full of the same basic questions? How can we re-categorize the SEFP sections to give it a new feel, not just like concrete, steel, software issues etc. What do you think?
  9. Dear All, Please see the latest member rank hierarchy that has been implemented. Your feedback is more than welcome. Thanks.
  10. SEFP Chapters

    Dear Friends i would like to suggest that if we make city based SEFP chapters for more frequent interactive meetings. What are your suggestions? @admin. subject to admin approval. Regards
  11. Hello Everyone, I would like to draw your attention to questions being asked in message boxes instead of being posted on forum. The reason I am raising this is that recently I have seen a spike of inbox messages addressed to me asking for solutions rather than the question being posted on the forum. I assume others are getting similar messages. FYI, I don't have access to inboxes and all your conversations are 100% private. I would like to request everyone to please ask questions on the forum and discuss it on the forum instead of inboxes. The reason being that the discussion can be beneficial for the rest of the community and also other members can then critique or appreciate an opinion. Let me know should you have any questions. Thanks.
  12. Hello all, I had to take the website down for some regular maintenance but I am glad that we are back up in due time. Sorry for any inconvenience. I have also upgraded the forum to the latest version. Thanks.
  13. All, We are 4 years old. Thanks You for your support. SEFP turned 4 years old on May24th. I was travelling so couldn't post this on time. Thanks.
  14. All, I am thinking about changing the member rank system. The current system is show below. Please have a look and provide your suggestions. Thanks.
  15. All, I have updated the settings to allow Linkedin, Microsoft Live and Google emails to be used to register to the forum. Thanks.
  16. All, There are a number of new features in our new upgrade. - Instead of friends now we have got followers. To follow someone, just visit his profile and you will be provided an option to follow the member. - You can now mention any member in your posts. The feature is similar to Facebook and Twitter. Just use the @ symbol and write the member name. e.g., @Rana Waseem, @baz. The member will get notified whenever you would mention him/ her. - The new Activity Streams are a discovery feature that takes the concept of the old View New Content, Activity, Followed Items, etc. and merges them into a unified system to allow for both admin and member-defined streams of content based on their preferences. The system is very powerful and allows for countless different ways for your members to discover content or for you to more easily expose content you want to highlight. Members can share the link to the streams they create to other members. There is no need for privacy here as all they are sharing are their various filter settings - the actual stream data returned changes based on what member is actually viewing the stream. Use cases for Activity Streams are endless. Some examples might be: The current View New Content type of result. A Stream of all content from members you follow. Show a list of unread items from a specific list of members (perhaps members of staff). Maybe you are a prolific Gallery contributor and you want to see a feed of all unread comments on images that you posted. Rather than following every item you reply to, you can choose to create a feed of all content you have ever participated in. Get really fine-tuned and create a Stream showing unread comments in Blog only from members you follow. The Activity Streams feature is very flexibly and you can get really imaginative with its uses. It is a really big addition to our forum and we think you will enjoy it. We already do! New Editor https://player.vimeo.com/video/139477535 Updated Search Interface We have given our search interface a revamp to more effectively use space and be easier to use (especially on mobile): As well as simplifying the way filters appear, we have separated member searching from content searching. This made sense given that the filters available for finding members are entirely different to those you see when finding content, so this visual separation should make that more apparent to users. This new approach to filters also becomes the new Advanced Search view, with results loading dynamically below when submitted. Another change we have made is to adjust the text snippet to show you the context of the result hit. For example, if you search ‘lorem', the results will now show you the text surrounding the first match. This small improvement can greatly improve the perceived quality of results: Finally, another small change has been made to the contextual search box shown in the header on every page. We now default the context to the app you’re currently using, unless you’re on the homepage in which case it’ll search all content. In our testing, we have found this aligns much better with user expectations. Notifications: We have introduced two new notification features: instant notifications and HTML5 browser notifications. Both work together to provide a great boost to engagement in IPS 4.1. HTML5 Browser Notifications We have built in support for browser notifications where they are supported (right now, this includes desktop versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but not IE, and mobile browser support is patchy). This allows IPS 4.1 to let you know when important things have happened even if you aren’t active in that window at the time. We have enabled browser notifications in three areas. When you upload files using any attachment area, you will be notified when your files have finished uploading; when there are new replies to a topic you have currently viewing; and for instant notifications (more about that below). Instant Notifications Instant notifications has been a long-requested feature, and we are pleased to say they are included in this upgrade. We have worked hard to build an approach that is as light on resources as possible. If you are active in the window, instant notifications will show as a standard flash message at the bottom of your screen; if you are not active, and your browser supports them, you will get a desktop notification instead, and a chime will sound to alert you. Clicking the notification box will take you to the new item (or open the notification menu if alert is telling you about multiple items). Retina Emoticons Our well-loved emoticons have had a facelift (pun intended) and now look great on high-resolution retina screens and dark backgrounds: Thanks.
  17. Hi All, Just a heads up that SEFP shall be resorting to original skin due to upgrade. The latest version of current skin is not available for updated forum version. We will lose the current skin for sometime. Thanks.
  18. A/0/a everyone, I am working on a major update for the forum. It would completely change the user experience and hopefully would add a lot of new features to the forum. I will keep everyone posted. Just a heads up for now. Thanks.
  19. Dear All, We have recently upgraded the forum software to ensure quality experience for all the users. Just a heads up that as a result of recent upgrade, members can no longer use Carbon_Green Skin. We are sorry about that. The default forum skin has been updated too. Thanks.
  20. All, Would like to let you all know that SEFP is three years old as of May 24, 2015. I would like to thank everyone out there for the active participation they have shown. In particular, Rana and Sir Baz for their continuous support during the early days and now. Have an excellent week guys! Almighty bless you all. Thanks.
  21. Hello Everyone, We have recently upgraded the forum skin. For those of you who prefer the default skin over the current one can do the change easily. Just click on the "Change Theme" link at the bottom left of the page and select "IP.Board" from the pop up menu. Please see the attached image for a graphical explanation. Thanks.
  22. Hello Everyone, A very short announcement. You might have noticed, I have trimmed the forum outlook. Some forums have been deleted or renamed and other merged with the existing ones. Also, all non-active moderators have been removed. These days I am looking for a custom invision board skin that is green in color to apply to forum. Also thinking about changing the logo of the forum. Your suggestions are welcome Thanks.
  23. Salaam Everyone, Just to let you guys know that we have upgraded to the latest version of forum software. Hopefully, you will experience improved functionality. Cheers!
  24. Salaam Everyone, I would request you all to fill out the Topic Tags box when posting a new topic. See the attached file. It helps list similar thread so that a person can easily locate information on the forum. It is very important. Please uphold the request and use tags as much as you can. Just type things related to your topic and press comma to separate tags. Thanks
  25. Something About Sefp

    I was wondering about the people and activities of SEFP. Have a look at the following stats (date: 22.aug.2012). This is my agenda for next 3 months for SEFP. Please lets start to define some roles and targets for SEFP. You can disagree and put it down but vote for me how many of you agree with me! I wanna see the stats and numbers. Afterall this is just a suggestion. Total members: 816 This number is decent. At this point i care about participation & quality instead of just a crowd doing nothing out there. Total posts: 918 [ 66% of all the posts are by top 5 members ] Post count by top 2% members should not go above 70%. 1) Atleast 30% contribution to SEFP should be from 98% members to get a feeling the SEFP is not just run by the moderating team. Average post rate: 1.125 post per member Should reach upto 1.3 2) Ensures improved density of posts over the total population of SEFP The most liked content is by: 6 users Believe it or not. Its a measure of active members of the forum. Need to make it to 8 (not just 1 post...rather many posts by more than 8 people liking) 3) To develop the habit and to encourage people to appreciate others work and say Thanks to him/her. Users with more than 10 posts: only 16 Here i use my own self devised rule that the %age of members posting more than 1% of the total posts (9.18) should be more than 2%. In our case it is 1.96%. Lets make it 2% 4) To ensure that there is always performance. If the no of members increases so should the post count. Among the moderating team of: 11 members (if we exclude admin) the ratio is 1 moderator for every 81.6 members and 91.8 postss In my opinion these ratios should be touching 200. 5) To avoid having more controllers than needed over limited no of posts and threads and members. Moderating team acitivty: 2 members didnt even visit the site since last 1 month and the other 2 since last 2 months (pathetic) 6) Check and balance on the performance of moderators. Setting a time limit after which the moderator will lose the right to be a moderator. Voting for moderators should be done after some time in SEFP. Male/Female participation is: 99% : 1% . Additionally all that 1% posts from females is only from 1 member out of 8.. 7) Not an important issue as this is STRUCTURAL engineering not the ARCHITECTURE or INTERIOR DESIGNING but still a surprising fact. I wish if we can make it 2%???? 93% of total members have made NO POST at all! Zero Post .....0.0...93% Inactive users.....Lets put a min limit for a member to stay a member for SEFP. If a new member doesnt post, say 5 times in 2 weeks...assume...the member should be deleted automatically! 8) It will ensure more activity and realistic ratios for SEFP activities based on active members not just on inactive members. We will have nice people instead of bunch of useless spammers and trial downloaders. The list can go on! like the percentage of different threads etc but for the time being we need more members and more posts. Lets get the results asap. I think we should do it in a more organized way. Giving moderators their responsibility to do something for forum and to set targets monthly or every other month lets say! and to achieve them. I would highly recommend the ADMIN to take this suggestion seriously!

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