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Found 6 results

  1. waqar saleem

    Stiffness Method

    i need some help on stiffness method of analysis anybody having related notes kindly share we are studying Amin ghali's structural analysis book Regards
  2. rummaan17

    Stiffness Modifier

    Dear Members, I would like to have your feedback on the use of stiffness modifier. We generally use the value dictated by ACI committee as to model the cracked behavior, which are Compression Member : Wall, Column, Pier = 0.7 Flexure Member : Beam, Spandrels = 0.35 Slab = 0.25 What if i want to use 0.5 for columns or 0.2 for beams. Are there any restrictions. I have played around with it on software like ETABS and noticed change in flow of forces as it transfer towards more stiff element. Your kind comments would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  3. The structure is located in the lawn of the Red fort in Muzaffarabad. Probably, the seismic event caused the collapse. Inadequate stiffness, lack of flexural strength and confinement in the area of plastic hinge are reasons for the collapse.
  4. I have made a frame. Lateral Point Load is applied on each storey. Attached is the picture of frame. Why shear force in internal column of frame is more in 1st storey as compared to bottom storey? Thank you all for the help
  5. Please guide me about calculating the rotational stiffness factor for soil. How we calculate this and what are the values used for this factor normally?
  6. When is the right time to consider designing a shear wall instead of a column?Can you please guide me on some code provisions regarding this matter. what do you prefer, design a column with a cross section of 42"x10" or a structural wall of the same dimension? Both will be subject to gravity and lateral loads.

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