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Found 3 results

  1. Tie beams design

    assalamualaikum sepakistan, i wanna ask how do you design properly the tie beam? i always use the moment from base column (fixed base support) to design the properties (geometri and steel reinforcement) and its the same value of steel along the beam (from the support to middle and to support again). theres also a 10% of gravity of column additionaly as a axial load on the beam. so i use an interaction diagram just like design the column. because the moment of base already got taken by the tie beam then i never consider moment anymore when design the footing. Am i doing it right? please correct me if im wrong and additional question is whats the difference between the tie beam, ground beam, grade beam and plinth beam? thank you regards
  2. Tie Beams

    Dear engineers; 1. For what we need tie beams ? 2. I mean if I take the first floor's columns' height into consideration in my model ? 3. Will it carry the slab on grade ? 4. In case of Raft then no need for thetie beams since the slab on grade will lay on the raft Yes? Regards
  3. Tie Beam Design

    Assalam o alaikum seniors, I am searching for some design example of TIE BEAM DESIGN.... I am having sap reactions of all the columns.. I need detail of manual design of tie beam. Or info how to design it. I also want to design it for differential settlement of columns and for lateral loads also... How shud i take these loads in my design??? If i design this beam in sap2000, i apply gravity load and support settelemnt of 25 mm at one end of beam and design it, will it be OK? Shud i take soil reaction from bottom or shud i neglect it? Jazak Allah...

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