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    • By mhdhamood
      Dear engineers;
      1. For what we need tie beams ? 
      2. I mean if I take the first floor's columns' height into consideration in my model ?
      3. Will it carry the slab on grade ?
      4. In case of Raft  then no need for thetie beams since the slab on grade will lay on the raft Yes?
    • By Waqas Haider
      Assalam o alaikum seniors,
      I am searching for some design example of TIE BEAM DESIGN.... I am having sap reactions of all the columns.. I need detail of manual design of tie beam. Or info how to design it. I also want to design it for differential settlement of columns and for lateral loads also... How shud i take these loads in my design??? If i design this beam in sap2000, i apply gravity load and support settelemnt of 25 mm at one end of beam and design it, will it be OK? Shud i take soil reaction from bottom or shud i neglect it? Jazak Allah...