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    • Etabs version 9.7.5 also have the option whether to condider minimum eccentricity or not  
    • Why dont you simply assign insertion point to model this eccentricity? If you are having a frame, You can assign these insertion points to either the beam or the column a per situation? You can offset any end of member (Column or Beam) by this method to model eccentricity. If you are having a frame, and want to model the eccentricity at a specific joint, select the member at that joint (the member which is offest from center lines) and go to assign manu--> Assign insertion Point--> and assign desired offset nd desired axis. But dont forget to uncheck DON'T TRANSFORM STIFFNESS otherwise only geometry will be offset instead of stiffness i.e. required in calculations by the software. If you having only one column, You can also o the same, You want to provide eccentricity. You can either offset your load point as said by sir Rana, or you can offset your column centroidal axis by applying required offset in insertion points in desired axis. again dont forget to uncheck DON'T TRANSFORM STIFFNESS.
    • And in LIFE as well Waqar, I did not get how you modelled. Hira, null lines will not transfer anyload, you have to apply a very small section to null line for proper load transfer. What I meant to say and what I understood was, there is only one single line column in the model, so you have two options. 1. Select top joint of column line and apply joint loads (P and Mx,My) or draw a horizontal line with length equal to e at top joint of column and apply the P at the other end of this line.  
    • i confirmed this by making a model in SAP and load transferred, there was not any error. @Rana Rana sab please shed some light.
    • Bcz everyone in structure is right if he/she is using rational approach,no matter what different technique we are using,thanks
    • Dear waqar I'm uploading architecture and edb file of the model.i have separated the building by providing expansion joint.the file in etabs model is one portion of the building, I'm working on it.secondly if we dont want to provide expansion joint thn wat to do? coz when i model the entire building then lots of errors are coming so i separated the building now there aren't any errors.all suggestions will be highly appreciated.thnx n regards STATIC MODEL.EDB STATIC MODEL.$ET AMMALGAMATION PLAN-Model.pdf
    • Lol. We all are on different pages. Everybody is talking about different technique and everybody is not getting what other is saying. I think we should all improve our writing skills.