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  1. Mohammad Yaseen Yousafzai

    Pile Design For Machine Foundation

    It’s a circular Boiler required to be installed at a Pharmaceutical factory... Yes, the referred operational loading is the dynamic load which will be exerted on the pile cap & subsequently on the Piles. With regards to the type of pile, the soil investigation report based on two bore holes drilled upto 40 feet, state that the strata consists of Silty clay up till 25 feet and from 25 to 40 feet, the strata consists of sand and silt. Based on the results obtained from these bores, the Geotech experts have recommended 26 feet deep piles (without indicating the type of Pile). Based on my site experience, I will certainly recommend combine (skin friction & end bearing piles for this case with more concentration towards end bearing) Please share your experience and recommendations.
  2. Mohammad Yaseen Yousafzai

    Pile Design For Machine Foundation

    Rana Waseem.. the loading is 150 Tons.. We can't have a precast pile here becuase of some constraints. We will be going for a bored (Insitu casted) RCC pile...
  3. Mohammad Yaseen Yousafzai

    Pile Design For Machine Foundation

    I am suppose to design a pile foundation for a machine weighing approximately 50 tons and with an operational loading of 100 tons. I ll appreciate your help in terms of guidance & provision of notes... Thank you..

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