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    Dear friends, An experienced transportation engineer is required at islamabad office of a consultant firm, please email cv of any interested professional at waqar.cameos@gmail.com. 8-10 years experience required in design of highways. Regards
  2. Expansion joints

    @waqar saleem, Did you mean for this foundation or for any foundation? i mean in this case no expansion joint required, but if raft/foundation dimensions are large enough, expansion joint / control joint will be required. Regards
  3. Expansion joints

    no need to provide expansion joint in foundation
  4. Expansion joints

    Dear Hussein, One reason for expansion joint is to avoid shrinkage and temperature cracking, basically expansion joint is a weaker zone intentionally created to direct the cracks or release the stresses due to hydration of cement. if concrete dimension is 150ft-200ft, it is advisable to provide expansion joint or shrinkage strip to avoid shrinkage/temperature cracking. To avoid cracks try to have proper mix design from a material engineer, sometime excessive cement content has been used in mix and assumed that this extra cement will give strength but thats not true, I have seen adverse temp cracks in 500ft long 15' high basement retaining wall, even wall was not loaded vertically or backfill, mix had extra cement content and there was no expansion joint in the wall along the length. Regards

    Dear Ahsan, 1-If you are excavating 10'(say) from NSL,soil strata is under load of this much soil 10x120=1200psf, you are provided bearing capacity at -10 by the geotech, 1tsf=2204psf, you can add 2204+1200=3404psf for bearing pressude check, but discuss this condition to your geotech, also there is safety factor of 3-5 in geotech calculations, decreasing this FOS to 2 or at some lower value as geotech allow, earing pressure issue can be addressed. 2-define a stiff element in safe where you define your foundation section, and assign the area below basement wall as stiff. Regards
  6. Modeling Pits In Raft

    Dear Rummaan, It is ok to detail the pit as you have shown in snap and model the raft bottom at same level in SAFE for ease. Regards

    Dear Ahsan, 1- consider the relieving pressure of soil as your model shows basement. 2- provide stiff element at the edges of raft as there is basement wall all around. 3-increase in thickness also decreases the pressure, check increasing raft thickness. 4-make sure that actual raft area is provided in SAFE, sometimes it is mistakenly considered less when raft is drawn on center points of the columns, actually you should provide the offset of half column width or depth as per condition on edges. 5- check loads applied on the floors, finishes, walls, decrease where-ever you can, make deduction of windows and doors, check if lighter elements are available, decrease thickness of slabs if possible. 6-Add one column in between all grids if possible, 7-offset your columns some distance 2' or 2.5' inwards, ask the architect, share your problem. 4-if none of the above options and solution provided by seniors work, have review of geotech and go for piled raft. Regards
  8. Doubly Reinforced Beam

    Dear All, Is it possible to tell about a beam section from looking at its top and bottom reinforcement that either it is singly reinforced or doubly reinforced? no other information is provided, only top and bottom bars are provided say 3#4 Top, 3#6 Bottom, B 12"x18" . Regards
  9. Use Of Mass Source Command In Etabs

    Dear Hamza you have to tick the specified load pattern and specify load patterns Dead, Super dead or Live with their multiplier factor or tick the other two, you do not have to tick all three. Regards
  10. Aoa...can you please tell when we have to assign Tee beam in etabsĀ ..what is the criteria for it ??

  11. Construction/Cold joint location in RC Column/walls

    Salam Dear Junaid! Cold joints are common and practice is upto soffit, properly roughen the face and apply some chemical at the joint. Leaving column at mid height is not good. Regards
  12. fresh engineer but dont know about the field

    Dear Shafqat Hussain Welcome to the forum. Check what you require at the job and discuss with your seniors, ask them for help if you do not understand something. At first job mostly you don not know exactly what to do but the main engineering profession skill is lifelong learning which comes forward and you learn new things. Contact some senior surveyor for the level and theodolite guidance. Regards
  13. Screen Time

    My kid is 2 nd 3 months old, we normally try to keep screen time as low as 1 hour/ 2 hour, when he watches cartoon or use mobile for game more than 2 hours, he becomes too difficult to handle. So we bought books that we read with him like picture stories and take him outside where he can play, run and climb monkey bar etc, after playing he becomes satisfied and easy to handle. that's my personal experience :-). Regards
  14. Screen Time

    Salam Makhzumi Screen time should be minimum but it should be replaced by healthy outdoor activities. Children become addicted to screens that's dangerous, we can not force them to reduce there screen time but provide them with healthy alternatives can change there interest. Regards
  15. Soft Copy of CAD files

    if they insist for dwg provide them along-with pdf, take receiving on this pdf printout.

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