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  1. i confirmed this by making a model in SAP and load transferred, there was not any error. @Rana Rana sab please shed some light.
  2. Dear Ilyas column will take load and without any issue, in SAP or ETABS we draw center-lines, so why column will not take load? Regards
  3. yes you can assign load of pick up to beam.
  4. Dear @muneeb1213 you have to consider loads on top of wall coming from the basement slab or any other wall directly on the wall. wall has basement slab attached on top so it will be like propped cantilever. there is an example 14.3 for basement wall(propped cantilever) in book "structural concrete by Nadim Hassoun" . you can design basement slab just like slab panel also if columns are closer and providing a beam at the top & bottom of wall and columns will act and must be designed as beams also but do check wall for shear against soil pressure at bottom half. Regards
  5. Dear Abid please share your model and architectural plans, so that somebody could review it. one major reason is of assigning supports at all levels and second is oversize members(columns,beams) as uzair sab mentioned above, 3rd is shorter spans and equal loads going to columns. regards
  6. i found another related discussion another document i found a somewhat good summary for modifiers https://www.academia.edu/13211701/Stiffness_Modifier Stiffness_Modifier.pdf
  7. good comparison!! it means designing with modifiers will give more practical results and better moment redistribution. what is the effect of modifiers on lateral deflection?
  8. Dear fellows! I have observed that some senior engineers have not been using stiffness modifiers in their designs. What is the concept behind i am not clear . As we design RC for strength, section is cracked and to cater for this cracked section, property modifiers are used as per ACI 318-11 10.10.4 (stiffness requirement) ACI 318-11 8.7 (stiffness requirement) UBC97 1630.1.2 (modelling requirement) so why whole section is considered in design. is there any other logic which i couldn't understand. Regards
  9. as i scale the distance between the two footings it seems 2.00, it ensure the upper foundation load will not intersect the lower foundation directly(45 degrees rule), place the footing in steps as you described. if you are excavating by excavator it would be difficult to maintain the level during excavation, if it is manual excavation it will be feasible, provide tie beam it will improve the load distribution. these are my perceptions, i request to others please comment . regards
  10. If there is difference in NSL on site change the foundation level as per NSL , Place your foundation at competent soil strata(hard soil, having no organic material or loose patches). you can make foundation in steps as well, go deeper for the depressed zone. there might be more appropriate answer if you share a sketch of your building and its foundation, contours etc. information of building will help to understand the problem more accurately. Regards
  11. There is some material available which indicates that adding marble powder 10%-15% increases compressive strength and then it decreases.
  12. Yes it is possible.
  13. Dear friends what are the most critical load combinations(service and strength) for zone 2B please. Regards
  14. Dear Umar there should be some exception of posting for some senior members who join the forum have less time but their input is invaluable. Regards
  15. i applied a wind pressure of 30psf on one side of the pole and got 1.6M=40k-ft and shear 1.6V=1.76, m not sure about the factor 1.6. anchors are 12" apart at center.