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  1. Use Of Mass Source Command In Etabs

    Dear Hamza you have to tick the specified load pattern and specify load patterns Dead, Super dead or Live with their multiplier factor or tick the other two, you do not have to tick all three. Regards
  2. Aoa...can you please tell when we have to assign Tee beam in etabsĀ ..what is the criteria for it ??

  3. Construction/Cold joint location in RC Column/walls

    Salam Dear Junaid! Cold joints are common and practice is upto soffit, properly roughen the face and apply some chemical at the joint. Leaving column at mid height is not good. Regards
  4. fresh engineer but dont know about the field

    Dear Shafqat Hussain Welcome to the forum. Check what you require at the job and discuss with your seniors, ask them for help if you do not understand something. At first job mostly you don not know exactly what to do but the main engineering profession skill is lifelong learning which comes forward and you learn new things. Contact some senior surveyor for the level and theodolite guidance. Regards
  5. Screen Time

    My kid is 2 nd 3 months old, we normally try to keep screen time as low as 1 hour/ 2 hour, when he watches cartoon or use mobile for game more than 2 hours, he becomes too difficult to handle. So we bought books that we read with him like picture stories and take him outside where he can play, run and climb monkey bar etc, after playing he becomes satisfied and easy to handle. that's my personal experience :-). Regards
  6. Screen Time

    Salam Makhzumi Screen time should be minimum but it should be replaced by healthy outdoor activities. Children become addicted to screens that's dangerous, we can not force them to reduce there screen time but provide them with healthy alternatives can change there interest. Regards
  7. Soft Copy of CAD files

    if they insist for dwg provide them along-with pdf, take receiving on this pdf printout.
  8. Soft Copy of CAD files

    yes, in Pakistan some authorities require soft CAD copy. Provide them read-only CAD file, they can not alter or tamper it. Regards
  9. High Loads under Columns and Bearing Capacity Failure

    Muneeb, here is my view though seniors have explained above nicely. 1.what is the value of subgrade modulus ? in some cases using subgrade modulus with 2" settlement solve the issue of over-stressing under foundation. As normally value for the SM given is with 1" settlement when we calculate by the formula given in Bowles, as Geotech to provide you the value or simply multiply the value by 2 which is calculated from the bearing capacity 0.5*3*12*2204*2 lb/ft^3 . 2. if you have basement then assign stiff to the foundation under rcc basement wall. 3.check your applied loads, make them realistic and compare with reactions, check your load combinations; sometimes load combos are assigned greater factors mistakenly or by abrupt system shutdown induce some error in them. 4. increasing thickness of raft also decreases bearing pressure, try. Regards
  10. modelling slanted shear wall in ETABS

    Dear Jaher Make a grid for the required wall and draw the wall in elevation or 3d view, in plan view slanted wall will not be drawn. Regards
  11. modelling slanted shear wall in ETABS

    Dear Jaher I guess, It is possible to have a slanted shear wall if it is properly connected at different levels, and modelling is also possible in etabs or sap.Regards
  12. Washigton Accord !!!

    Salam Members, Congratulations to Engineers, PEC has become full signatory of Washington Accord, what are the benefits to Pakistani engineers for this agreement. Regards
  13. Use Of Mass Source Command In Etabs

    Muneeb, if mass source is not defined properly, seismic forces will not be calculated correctly and so the base shear value will also be incorrect. Selecting different options in mass source menu is quite fine if loads has been taken in consideration as mentioned above 100% dead and 25% live in case of warehouses or permanent live loads. Regards
  14. Best Civil Engineering University in Pakistan For 2017?

    This polls concludes that on this forum majority is from NUST :-), other universities are doing very good job in engineering development as well.
  15. Salam i would like to ask how much minimum investment is required and what is the return rate? or what should be minimum amount to start investing in PSA for a reasonable return?

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