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  1. Thank you sir for spread the technical Knowledge to us. 

  2. Rsa Vs Ritz

    Dear Fellow, Read these discussiions
  3. Steps in slab

    Dear Irfan, Provide the plan of the above slab also to clear the location of steps Regards
  4. Vibration Effect of Roller Mills

    Thank you for your response, roller-bodies are on the first floor, machines are replicated in Pakistan and local vendors do not have much information, machines are copied from the existing mill. Reagards
  5. Vibration Effect of Roller Mills

    Salam, Dear Engineers, I am working a on design of flour mill, it has rolling machines which have extensive vibrations as i observed in a working mill visit, how to add this effect on slab. Do i increase the LL by some percentage to cater this effect? How to add its long term effect? Regards
  6. In a room space of 10-6 x 10-6 what different intensities you will be applying ? for washroom area you can apply different load than room area.
  7. Structural Systems according to UBC-97

    Adding my cent, Basically R ductility factor and detailing of the structure matters, due to greater ductility demand in higher seismic zones 3,4, R value is high also detailing requirement is high to make the structure capable to dissipate energy. UBC defines some restrictions as per different zones, in 2B IMRF minimum, and zone 3,4 SMRF. in 2B SMRF can be designed but in 3,4 it will be too uneconomical. we can violate code but for that greater effort for design is required, have to go for performance based design but it is better to hide behind the code. Regards
  8. Bending Moment of Frame

    Dear Shamim, Degree of freedom concept is basic of structural analysis, it is hard to explain for me. There are three translations and three rotations, translations are UX, UY, and UZ and rotations RX, RY, RZ. Check the following links for further understanding. http://docs.csiamerica.com/help-files/etabs/Menus/Analyze/Set_Analysis_Options/Set_Active_Degrees_of_Freedom.htm http://docs.csiamerica.com/manuals/etabs/Analysis Reference.pdf Regards
  9. Bending Moment of Frame

    Shamim, First I assumed that the case you are asking is a part of building but you are analyzing a continuous frame.The moment difference is due to degree of freedom you selected, snaps are attached.
  10. Bending Moment of Frame

    Share $ET file

    Hira, Define a new case and add the static and moving in that new case, as mentioned by Ayesha define combination and check the output.
  12. Bending Moment of Frame

    Dear Shamim, Could you share the model please, do not know the reason apparently, do the loads on floors are also same? Regards
  13. Time History Analysis

    Ayesha, Sure I will explain here but due to non-availability of time and forum policy of copy rights i can not share tutorials here. There was no intention of hiding anything, I will do it for the forum sometime. Regards
  14. Time History Analysis

    Waqar bhai , Hope you are fine, I can guide you for the THA along-with tutorials but you will have to visit me. :-) Regards

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