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  1. Anique Mansab

    Job Hunting For A Freshee

    As far as i have understood your situation u are looking for learning and good exp rather than money . And unfortunately in pakistan almost in all scenarios i have observed that its nearly impossible to get hand some salary along with learning platform in yr very good start. So what i would suggest you that first make your mind whether u wanna b on structures side or in execution or geo etc. Then target those companies and apply for job . Just enter in any of that firm which fulfils your learning requirement even u have to do free entrrndsip. On engineering point of view i dont think this current job will add any skills or will enhance your expertise
  2. Anique Mansab

    Shear Wall Reinforcement

    Hello Umar & Muneeb can u plz share any helping document from where I can get idea to design shear wall against lateral loads (wind load mainly) Regards ANIQUE
  3. Anique Mansab

    Registeration Of Designing Firm

    Hello guys i have two questions 1) Does PEC recognize 1 yr of uk masters (Msc structural engineering ...taught program) 2) what are the requirements ' which make an engineer eligible to open and register his own design firm..

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