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  1. Tapered column footing design

    do it as usual way, take the base moment and the axial load from the column
  2. shear modulus and shear wave velocity of soil

    so is it possible to just using SPT to determine the soil site classification on earthquake provision? as u said that we could do some calculation empirical formula to convert the SPT to Vs maybe?
  3. Pile Design

    foundation design by Bowles or Braja M.Das
  4. Tributary Area Of Slab On Beam.

    this only works for gravity loads though
  5. Location of shear walls in High-rise RC buildings

    yepp agreed with @Ayesha its depends on your layout and architectural work, but the best way to do it is place the shear wall on the place closest to centre of mass this already proved by some journals on internet as a kind of optimum place to put the shear wall on, but the internal forces of shear wall would have a bigger result cause it tends to withstand more mass you should try several numbers of model to pick which one the best in reducing structural displacement and withstand internal forces.
  6. Lateral Torsional Buckling prevention

    Assalamualaikum SE Pakistan, Im designing a steel gable frame with a large span about 28m, and the LTB for beam design govern the design. i have the lb (braced length of flexural member) is the same as actual length (no bracings) so i gotta enlarge the section. 1. how do you properly braced the beam? please include some pictures 2. does adding a web stiffener is the same as adding a bracing? 3. could the purlin acts as the same as the bracing does? best regards
  7. Assalamualaikum SE Pakistan in this pca seismic guide detailing it says that the rebar hook shall be bends towards to the center of column but i always see the bend is towards to the outer of column, which one is right? and why? all the best
  8. reinforced concrete longitudinal rebar placement

    how did you model the section with different spacing of long.bar in SAP2000/ETABS? i always see that they have the same spacing bar to bar
  9. Assalamualaikum SE pakistan in general placement of rebar, i always see that the rebars set on the same spacing. These are 2 columns they have the same ratio of reinforcement, same dimentions, but the placement of rebar about 2 axis the A one has larger d than the B one and according to calculation its obvious that the A one gives the larger moment resistance(M3) , which one give the best overall resistance i mean not only the moment resistance but to overall ? the A one or B one? Regards
  10. Applying triangular load on plates/shells in ETABS or SAP200

    @Saad Pervez @Rana @EngrJunaid thanks alot for the response, is it better to make the reinforcement to 2 layers of bar or just 1 but more tight space?
  11. Assalamualaikum SE Pakistan, im about to design a retaining wall and would like to know is there any option/ is it possible to apply a triangular load on shells/paltes/membrane? or im just gonna model it as a 2D thing? regards
  12. Tie beams design

    what do you mean its very unproessional? why did they add a such option if we cant use it? i just need some help and some opinion from them because they are like the most active users in this forum sorry i get offended
  13. Tie beams design

    @UmarMakhzumi @EngrUzair @Saad Pervez
  14. Tie beams design

    assalamualaikum sepakistan, i wanna ask how do you design properly the tie beam? i always use the moment from base column (fixed base support) to design the properties (geometri and steel reinforcement) and its the same value of steel along the beam (from the support to middle and to support again). theres also a 10% of gravity of column additionaly as a axial load on the beam. so i use an interaction diagram just like design the column. because the moment of base already got taken by the tie beam then i never consider moment anymore when design the footing. Am i doing it right? please correct me if im wrong and additional question is whats the difference between the tie beam, ground beam, grade beam and plinth beam? thank you regards
  15. Haunched Steel Member

    is there any provision made by AISC? like stability and stuff like how deep am i going to haunch it? because i cant find it somewhere like this one made by eurocode haunched calculation.pdf

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