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  1. what do you mean its very unproessional? why did they add a such option if we cant use it? i just need some help and some opinion from them because they are like the most active users in this forum sorry i get offended
  2. @UmarMakhzumi @EngrUzair @Saad Pervez
  3. assalamualaikum sepakistan, i wanna ask how do you design properly the tie beam? i always use the moment from base column (fixed base support) to design the properties (geometri and steel reinforcement) and its the same value of steel along the beam (from the support to middle and to support again). theres also a 10% of gravity of column additionaly as a axial load on the beam. so i use an interaction diagram just like design the column. because the moment of base already got taken by the tie beam then i never consider moment anymore when design the footing. Am i doing it right? please correct me if im wrong and additional question is whats the difference between the tie beam, ground beam, grade beam and plinth beam? thank you regards
  4. is there any provision made by AISC? like stability and stuff like how deep am i going to haunch it? because i cant find it somewhere like this one made by eurocode haunched calculation.pdf
  5. Hello sepakistan i am designing a rafter for structural roof frame, why do we have to haunch the beam? is it the same as the tappered member? how do i calculate the nominal strength of the haunch section? and the eaves and apex connection, does anybody have a design guide with american code(AISC), i found one but it was a eurocodethanks so muchregards
  6. thanks ill be sure to check it out
  7. how do you design it for local buckling? do you have some worked example and provision ? the properties of the beam is H=250 mm, and B=125 mm with tf=9mm and tw=6mm , the length of the beam(its actually rafter) is about 9m
  8. Assalamualaikum, im designing a steel beam. The nominal shear is already meets the requirement which is larger than the required shear force (Vi*Vn > Vu). But my senior engineer said that i have to design an additional stiffener to resist the force when it comes to erection later. How do i design this transverse stiffener considering there nomore shear to resist? is there any provision on AISC about minimum spacing and the thickness of plate required? thanks
  9. what if the beams are hidden in the raft? whats the purpose of doing such thing like that?
  10. assalamualaikum sepakistan usersi wanna ask what are the considerations of using this ribraft foundation thing?what are the advantages and disadvantages?what are some load applied on it?how do we design the slab and the beam?thank you.
  11. thanks mr.umar thats really helpful would you email me the calculation example? because im a type of person who learn from worked example
  12. hello sepakistan does anybody have an worked example/design guide on how to design an achorage of steel beam to concrete column? thanks