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  1. Column to Beam Capacity Ratio

    @BAZ, can you please also explain ‘why’ beam column capacity ratio of the top story can be ignored.
  2. Bending Moment of Frame

    Degree of freedom = direction in which an object can move. There are 3 Horizontal Directions and 3 Rotation Directions to say the least.

    Can't you have a load combination instead of a load case that combines both the affects?
  4. Time History Analysis

    You should explain here or what is the point of having a forum?
  5. No offence but your email looks like scam. Do you have a website?
  6. In my opinion, ETABS and Safe are the most commonly used softwares for buildings and foundation analysis followed by Staad. In general, a very few companies use licensed softwares. Like 99% structural softwares being used are cracked and pirated. For FEA SAP200 is used. For CAD nearly all Pakistan uses AutoCAD. It is easy to get cracked softwares then to find a licensed dealer in Pakistan.
  7. Required force method

    I think sharing copyright softwares or information is against forum policy.
  8. Raft for a house is overkill unless you really need it. An example is where the house is being built of area that is a fill and the ground might settle. If the construction in your area is masonry, stick to it. You won't get any benefit out of a raft.
  9. Solution Manual

    I think the forum rules prohibit sharing copyright information.
  10. Please see the article http://docs.csiamerica.com/help-files/etabs/Menus/Assign/Shell/Shell_Assignment_-_Insertion_Point.htm
  11. Pile Design

    I think you both are talking about the same thing. His statement is about ratio of slab thickness (h) to distance between piles (L) -> (h/L) being more than the code number and what you have referenced talks about distance between load points (L) to ratio of slab thickness (h) -> (L/h) which has to be less if the first statement is correct.
  12. 50 cm Thick Raft Foundation over an Existing Retaining Walls

    Kindly provide the ACI reference. Concrete walls are generally too stocky to buckle but I would like to know the provision.
  13. Bearing Capacity in Karachi

    It varies from consultant to consultant but my opinion is that the normal design practice has destroyed Pakistan. If you need deep foundation, provide deep foundation.
  14. Cohesion value for stability analysis of dams

    I don't know much about dams, but when you do stability analysis of Dam if it is a rock/ clay dam cohesion would be important as the Dam Embankment stability relies on that but if it is a concrete dam, would cohesion even matter?

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