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  1. Slab deflection in ETABS

    Omar, when you are reporting maximum deflections I assume that you mean maximum vertical deflections and it is relative not absolute. I still can't get my head around the fact that you have so much deflection difference even for gravity load case. I will look further in this. I don't have an answer on top of my head. I also request other forum members to share there thoughts about this question.
  2. Slab deflection in ETABS

    That is due to unsymmetrical stiffness of vertical members. This however isn't the subject of our discussion. Are you using any live load reduction factors? What is the difference in vertical deflection of the slab in 2 consecutive floors and what is the location of that maximum vertical deflection?
  3. Some Specification of Beam and Column in Etab

    You need to go through these tutorials: https://www.csiamerica.com/products/etabs/watch-and-learn
  4. Slab deflection in ETABS

    You shouldn't have it. If you want to investigate it please provide what combinations are governing. Here is what you should do: 1) Do a gravity only analysis use load factor of 1 to see what results you are getting. 2) Do a lateral only analysis to see what results you are getting without any gravity load. 3) Compare results and check model for errors. Just because other people are getting the same problem, doesn't mean the problem is there. We need to define a basis. I don''t use ETABS so I can't do checks on my own. If you want my input, please provide the results as requested above.

    Check this out: http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/docs/journal/20/20_1_38_ocr.pdf
  6. Slab deflection in ETABS

    This sounds odd. What load combinations are governing slab design at different levels?
  7. The moment in the contour are kNm/m. You need to convert that to strip width. Please see another topic on the forum that explains how to read and interpret plate moments.
  8. So, there is a topic on the forum with all the information. You can review it and post any questions still unanswered after that. I skimmed through it and looks like first you need to know what kind of vibratory equipment/ machine you have and then act accordingly.
  9. Minimum thickness Equation

    These are empirical relationships which don't have a math equation that you can derive but work well all the time or most of the time.
  10. Oh sorry. I thought by Industrail you meant Crane Supported Structures and the weights provided were that if crane / gantry. But if that is not the case and you have a vibratory equipment the you can ignore my comment. What kind of machinery would you have? Would they all be at ground level?
  11. Effective width of Point Load

    There is a great discussion on eng-tips about it that you can follow. http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=223271
  12. Expansion joints

    @waqar saleem, Did you mean for this foundation or for any foundation?
  13. B/C ratio output in Etabs

    Are your columns all the same size?
  14. Bearing Capacity in Karachi

    What is the basis for this? Can you share a geotechnical report or document. How can we trust this information?

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