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  1. Rigid and Semi rigid diaphragm

    A rigid diaphragm would not deflect on its own when transferring loads to vertical load resisting system. That is why it is called rigid - all points move the same. A flexible diaphragm however would deflect when doing the same. So for rigid diaphragms, loads are transferred to vertical load resistance system members based on their stiffness, where as for flexible diaphragm, the tributary area of diaphragm to a member is critical in determining how much load gets transferred to it in addition to its stiffness. This is the general principle. There are also two topics on this forum that you can look at. I think the 5% eccentricity check applies to all kinds of diaphragm. I am out of practice for some time so other members can comment on this one if I am incorrect. Check these threads.
  2. Corbel action on Column analysis

    Make a free body diagram. Corbel transfers loads to column like any rigid attachment to column would. It would transfer a moment and axial load to column. The tough job is to design corbel itself. You should use Strut-and-Tie method for corbel design.
  3. Concrete Compressive Strength

    1. Tests are based on standards such as ASTM. That is where the cube and cylinder requirement comes from. I don't think so that there is any other method than the standard tests. 2. You need a supervisor to verify that. 3. Depends if lumps are soft lumps or hard lumps. Fresh cements sometimes get soft lumps that go away by pressing a finger. Soft Lumps are do to a phenomenon called "pack-set". Soft lumps are okay. Hard lumps are not and are caused by moisture ingress in cement bags. Cement with hard lumps has already started hydration and would result in lower strength. It should not be used. 4. What is your question? 5. I don't think there is another method. You need to compare the yield of bar against allowable limits stated in ASTM Standard. Limits are different for seismic and non-seismic application. I would suggest that please don't post a lot of questions in one thread as it takes significant time to answer all the questions.

    F11 is what is defined above. You need to trun local axis on to see where is 1-1 direction is. Turn it on and and share the picture here.
  5. Steel Design

    You can buy it here https://shop.bsigroup.com/en/Browse-by-Subject/Eurocodes/?t=r
  6. Are you planning for MSC or MENG. SOPs are different based on what you plan to do.
  7. Slab Modeling

    Check this topic.
  8. Reinforced Concrete Design of 3 hinged arch

    You can design the reinforced concrete section for a moment of 342kNm like you would do a beam. That is my understanding. I have never designed one.
  9. You can apply using dummy lines.

    Hi Mehreen, Welcome to the forum. See this
  11. Final Year Project

    See this topic: It depends. I have seen some embassies get blast wall designed considering the terror threat they face. Search the forum.
  12. 2D-Plate Analysis -Safe

    Plate elements by default consider shear deformations. If you use shell elements, then then would ignore the shear deformation. I think your question should be that Is the analysis using Shell Elements is correct for deep rafts as they ignore shear deformations.

    What are your specific concerns? Do you want to discuss the important things to consider while designing pick up column?
  14. R value for Minaret structure..

    I don't know what the framing is for Faisal Mosque Minaret. However, as per UBC: Also in the sub notes of Table 16-N, the maximum height for Cantilevered Column System is only 35 feet in Zone 3 and 4. Cantilever Column System Geometry is very peculiar. See the attached image as it shows one system. If the minaret framing is similar to attached picture, it is a cantilevered column system. If not, it is something else. Without seeing framing, its hard to tell.

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