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Found 4 results

  1. Wall Load And Self Load Multiplier

    Sir, i have few questions regarding load application on structure? when we define static load cases , dead and superdead(finishes, partition) in etab and we apply self load multiplier 1 and 0 repectively. i have a query regarding walls which are permanently there other than partition walls ,what should we do, we include this dead load in DEAD oR SUPERDEAD???? 2.i am desiging a 7 storey building and i distribute load of walls on slab in psf. now is this the correct way or we have to apply wall load on beams/ft?
  2. Can any body give me referrence of clause which is generally used in foundation design that is "33 increase in bearing capacity of soil is allowed under application of wind or seismic loads"
  3. Under what conditions we should use load combinations mentioned under Subject heading in UBC -97? As per my research we should use them only for " Element supporting Discontinuous System"-UBC 97-1630.8.2 and for "Collector Elements"-UBC 97 1633.2.6. So, there is no need to use these combinations for all structures and its components (Exceptions are mentioned above). Is my understanding correct? Please reply with referrence
  4. ETABS Load Combo Creation Have a look at it...may be u find it useful...its for manually creating combos in excel and then importing back to etabs..as it allows the flexibility to create combinations in table format and less chances for errors as compared with that of ETABS unfriendly load combo interface...Report back any bugs or suggestions...thanks To download click on the link above with blue color or www.4shared.com/file/THoXlkzv/ETABS_Load_Combo.html

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