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Found 17 results

  1. ingrid rocio irreño palomo

    Beam spring Tunnel in ABAQUS! (SAP2000)

    Good Night, My name is ingrid and I am trying modelling one ring of linning tunnel in Abaqus, the last mont I tried in sap2000 but i could not hav good answer., for this reason i am doing my model in Abaqus with only springs radials (in the moment). Anyone could help me? About how input the loads, Is better radial or vertical and horizontal. Thanks you. Regards, Ingrid
  2. ingrid rocio irreño palomo

    Beam spring Tunnel in ABAQUS! (SAP2000)

    Good Night, My name is ingrid and I am trying modelling one ring of linning tunnel in Abaqus, the last mont I tried in sap2000 but i could not hav good answer., for this reason i am doing my model in Abaqus with only springs radials (in the moment). Anyone could help me? About how input the loads, Is better radial or vertical and horizontal. Thanks you. Regards, Ingrid
  3. I am designing a circular container with a material with temperatures reaching 100C. I have a query on how temperature loading is assigned; dependent on local axis? Will it push the wall outward? How is the material supposed to behave under temperature loading? And also using LRFD, Temperature is not mentioned. Should I use 1.2*T with all Combinations? Regards
  4. Kindly recommend articles or books regarding the basics of the these softwares. Mainly describing the user interface, tools and some practical examples.
  5. I have modeled a simple 6m long concrete circular column of 760mm diameter. I have applied a joint live load at the top of the column. Selecting ACI-318 as design code with frame type as sway special, I get the flexural and shear reinforcement. However, when I change the design code to AASHTO Concrete 2007 in the design preferences with zone 3 in overwrites, I get nearly same flexural reinforcement as by ACI but I observe a huge difference in shear reinforcement. It is to be noted that I have used same combination while designing by both codes. Please check the file attached and explain. G.SDB
  6. CSI (ETABS, SAFE, SAP) SOFTWARES ANALYSIS FILES EXTENSIONS CSI (ETABS, SAFE, SAP) SOFTWARES ANALYSIS FILES EXTENSIONS After running the structural models they create numerous analysis files with very strange file extensions. Here I am talking about CSI softwares; ETABS, SAFE and SAP. These analysis files contain information about matrices and analysis results. More information about the file extensions can be found on CSI official webpage: https://wiki.csiberk...analysis models or https://wiki.csiberk... settings files When sending the model files to someone you dont need all those temporary analysis files rather just 2 files; one model file and another its text file. Why we need to delete the files? Well, one thing is there are lot of files which we dont recognize, and the major issue is they take too much of space. A single model may be upto 10MB or less or more, but after analysis, the folder size reaches sometimes upto 1GB, using hard disk resources. So its not wise to just leave them as is because once you have model file you can get the results on any machine after running it. For example for a simple model! An increase of about 62 times!Deleting the Files 1) From program To delete the analysis files of the model, there are many ways and techniques:- Open the model, goto File>Delete analysis files> There are 2 options; one for deleting analysis files of that model only and another to delete files of all the models in that specific directory. Here it can't delete the files of models in sub directories. Just imagine if you have a large project containing many buildings having at least 2 models, all in separate directories, so would have to open all of them one by one and delete files this way. 2) Manually Deleting the Files Another method is to search and delete the files yourself. Unfortunately, I could not find on internet a complete list of all the extensions of analysis files. So I just created sample files for each of the program and then converted by some means those extensions into a text file. I will for your convenience put all those extensions here. So just goto windows search explorer and just copy paste the extensions text string the file name box of search window and delete all the files in one go. If I have missed some extensions of mixed it with other programs, please correct me. 3) The best method While writing this article, I came across a very interesting method to do all that crap. There is file called Eat.bat in ETABS and SAP program files. When I opened these files in MS DOS, I found out that this DOS files deletes all the analysis files in that directory and you can get the list of all the extensions of the files if you try to edit it. Well that would be the official extension list of analysis files from CSI. The extensions I published below were extracted by me so they miss some extensions. I will later update those. This Eat.bat is found in ETABS and SAP folders but not in SAFE. I dont know why CSI people havent included this in SAFE. So I came up with an idea to modify the program so that it can do following:- 1) Delete all the analysis files, not just in that specific directory rather in all sub directories too and for all programs like ETABS, SAFE and SAP. I will just add all the extensions and a switch for deleting files inside other directories:- ERASE /S /Q * This program can be downloaded from here. Soon it will also be available in standard EXE format. Keep looking http://www.sepakistan.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/tongue.png Extensions of CSI softwares:- 1) SAP *.MSH, *.MSH, *.K , *.K_?, *.K~?, *.Y??, *.$$?, *.C1, *.D1, *.F1, *.K1, *.M1, *.C3, *.D3, *.F3, *.K3, *.M3, *.T3, *.C4, *.D4, *.F4, *.K4, *.M4, *.T4, *.C5, *.D5, *.F5, *.K5, *.M5, *.T5, *.C6, *.D6, *.F6, *.K6, *.M6, *.T6, *.C8, *.D8, *.F8, *.K8, *.M8, *.T8, *.C9, *.D9, *.F9, *.K9, *.M9, *.C11, *.D11, *.F11, *.K11, *.M11 2) ETABS *.$$?, *.$$?, *.BRG, *.BXL, *.BXP, *.BXR, *.CSE, *.CSG, *.CSP, *.CSJ, *.F1 , *.F3 , *.F4 , *.F5 , *.F6 , *.F8 , *.F9 , *.F11, *.FUN, *.ID , *.IDS, *.JCJ, *.JCP, *.JCT, *.JOB, *.K , *.K_?, *.K1 , *.K3 , *.K4 , *.K5 , *.K6 , *.K8 , *.K9 , *.K11, *.KSB, *.L3 , *.LBK, *.LBL, *.LBM, *.LBN, *.LIN, *.M1 , *.M3 , *.M4 , *.M5 , *.M6 , *.M8 , *.M9 , *.M11, *.MAS, *.MSH, *.MTL, *.NPR, *.P1M, *.P1S, *.P3 , *.P4 , *.P5 , *.P6 , *.P61, *.P8 , *.P9 , *.PAT, *.PDE, *.PDU, *.PPD, *.R , *.RSI, *.RU , *.SCP, *.SEC, *.SEV, *.SHS, *.SPC, *.T3 , *.T4 , *.T5 , *.T6 , *.T8 , *.XMJ, *.XYZ, *.Y?? 3) SAFE *.$sf, *.$sf, *.C4, *.C9, *.D9, *.F9, *.fbk, *.ico, *.K~0, *.K~I, *.K~J, *.K~L, *.K~M, *.K9, *.M9, *.xsdm, *.Y, *.Y$$, *.Y~, *.Y~1, *.Y00, *.Y01, *.Y02, *.Y03 If you are using all of these programs, you will most probably like to search one time all of these extensions. So here I have merged them *.MSH, *.MSH, *.K , *.K_?, *.K~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sf, $sf, C4, C9, D9, F9, fbk, ico, K~0, K~I, K~J, K~L, K~M, K9, M9, xsdm, Y, Y$$, Y~, Y~1, Y00, Y01, Y02, Y03 Rana Waseem ranawaseem.com
  7. Salam i need to clarify(i visited csi site also tried to contact csi sales but dint get response yet) 1-is there any difference between performance of cracked version and original software 2-is there software license available for small group of people 3-anybody using licensed software can comment on 1. Regards
  8. Waqas Haider

    Rigid Joint Connection In Sap2000

    Assalam o alaikum... how can we assign rigid connection to a simple frame consisting of two vertical columns and one Horizontal beam in sap2000.....??
  9. Waqas Haider

    Portal Frame Bracing In Sap2000

    Assalam o alaikum.. I am having a model of steel shed in sap. I m to model a portal frame bracing in this shed as shown in attached figure. but far that i am to model column of main frame and column of portal bracing at same grid. What should i do??
  10. Assalam o alaikum.... how can we assign tension only cable bracing in sap2000? When i assign cross bracing in roof, both of cables start taking load..... i want only cable bracing in tension must take load.
  11. waqar saleem

    Model In Sap

    salam I have to model a beam in SAP2000 which have one slab on top on one side and a slab on the other side at the bottom can we model it in this way? if it can be modeled any hint to model it. Regards
  12. waqar saleem

    Sap2000 Section Defining

    salam how to define section in sap2000 if area and inertia of section is given but not the dimensions?
  13. software are the tools that provide assistance to make things more accurate . i am using these softwares bt i am intrested to know what are the limitations of these?
  14. i have a simple frame with single span 25' beam(12x18) supported by 2columns(12x12).loads on beam are 2k point load at the centre,500lb/ft uniform live load and 1000 lb/ft uniform dead load.columns are having same 1% reinforcement in both but beam shows 5.30% in Etabs and 1.52% in Sap2000.fc' for beam is 3000psi and for columns 4000psi.preferences are set to ACI318/IBC 2003. i couldn't upload the files ,on attaching "your are not permitted to upload this kind of file.
  15. waqar saleem

    Cold Steel And Sap2000!!

    does results given by sap2000 for cold steel are ok?
  16. waqar saleem

    Time History Analysis!!!

    Is it fine to have time history analysis project at under grad level?one of my friends suggested to choose some high rise buildings in islamabad nd perform time history analysis and comparison ?is it fine?
  17. waqar saleem

    Assigning Supports In Sap2000!!!

    how to assign supports in SAP2000???someone said that assign all supports fixed,there is no big difference?how to visualize the supports conditions and whether it really effect the analysis???

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