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Suggest Some Institute For Learning Civil Engineering Software In Islamabad Or Else Where?

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As'salam o Alikum! Kindly give me some information about the civil engineering institute located in islamabad (preferably) of elsewhere.?



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You can enroll at

I think the first 25 enrollments are free.  Enroll now and you may get free membership to all lectures. I don't know of any institutes in Islamabad that could teach you structural softwares. 



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Share on other sites is very good site to learn structural software ETABS/SAFE/SAP etc. developed by esteemed fellow Rana Waseem he is very good practicing structural engineer with excellent command on software.


Along with joining courses you have to work with the software and only software is not the structural engineering you must work on the basics of structural engineering. Just modelling on software and getting results is not engineering. this exercise can be easily done by a matric pass student as well if he is trained to use the software. 


Engineers are required to grasp knowledge behind the software. Engineering judgment comes with practice and working under kind seniors who guide you through the design process. All young engineers are suggested to be attached with seniors and request them to guide and mentor you through the process. And seniors are requested to mentor at least 1-5 freshers:-)

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