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Registeration Of Designing Firm

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Hello guys i have two questions
1) Does PEC recognize 1 yr of uk masters (Msc structural engineering ...taught program)
2) what are the requirements ' which make an engineer eligible to open and register his own design firm..

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1) I dont think there is such an issue

2) Not sure about that but getting registered with PEC is obviously the first thing.


Lets wait for other members to reply. I am also interested in this information.

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1. Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), as a 'Consulting Engineer' (either as a firm or as an individual), is based primarily on following pre-requisites:


a. Valid registration as a 'Registered Engineer' with PEC

  (Freshly graduated engineers, with a B.Sc. Engg degree, are accepted as 'Registered Engineer' by PEC)


b. Valid membership with PEC, as a 'Professional Engineer (PE)' with PEC

  (Requires a minimum of 5 years of practical experience in relevant field, after being enlisted as 'Registered Engineer', and passing of Engineers' Professional Exam  (EPE), conducted by PEC)


c. Completion of at least 16.0 CPD credit points


As such, having done masters in 1 yr, should not be a problem, for registering with PEC, provided your BS Engg degree is acceptable.


2. Please see the following links for knowing the relevant rules & requirements, and downloading application forms etc.:


a. Registration Procedure For Consulting Engineers



b. PEC Consulting Bye-Laws 



c. PEC Registration Forms, for 'Registered', 'Professional' and 'Consulting Engineers





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