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I have analyzed the frame for the load cases pushover, Gravity and Modal.I want to find out the Sa(Spectral acceleration) and sd (spectral Displacement) to convert the available pushover curve into capacity spectrum for finding out the performance point using ATC-40, procedure A.
Can anybody please, Help me To get Participation Factor PF and modal mass ratio alpha directly from SAP2000 output Tables?
(Can Participation factor be negative because in
output table showing is correct?) (the frame is 2D, 4 storey, 4 Bays.)
Thank You


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In addition to pushover curver (Base shear Vs displacement) SAP gives you the option of ATC -40 curve. So you can select that. Then go to the properties table of the curve and you can get the Sa and Sd values. 

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to calculate participation factor, you first do modal analysis.. from first mode.. take the eigen values that would be the mode shapes at each storey... Take storey mass of each storey and solve it manually or using excel file..

By the way, if you want performance point, you can directly get from the SAP result where it shows caapcity and demand spectra. See the attached research paper for ur reference






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