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  1. How to define frame properties for sag rod in etabs

    Thanks for the great reply Yasir. I will just add that the member nodes should be continuous (able to transfer moment + shear) once they are broken or else the model would be unstable. Thanks.
  2. Etabs Load Combinations

    Hello Rahim, I have lost the document while changing laptops. Sorry. Thanks.
  3. Welcome Everyone! :)

    Welcome Volkan. Always glad to have brothers fromTurkey here..
  4. Simply supported stairs with large slab thickness

    Fatima, In order for landings to be considered supported so you can consider a smaller length of stairs. stair length = 'total length - 2 x landing length' , you need to have both Beams C and D at 6'6" level and again have 2 Beams B and C in this case at 11'6" level. In that way both landings are 2 way supported and the stair flight between them can be considered as one way. You will have to design the landings as two way supported on two edges only. Thanks.
  5. R/f at top in isolated footing

    Just a note on shrinkage, I have seen a lot of engineers provide top reinforcement in slabs that are even 6" because of shrinkage. This might look like an overkill to some but every engineer has its own preference based on judgement and experience. Thanks.
  6. Simply supported stairs with large slab thickness

    Fatima, You can use a smaller slab thickness and do a deflection check to make sure stairs deflection it is below the maximum allowable. Service Live Load deflection based on Canadian Code should be less than L/360. I don't remember what ACI said, you can look it up. It should be similar. Other ways to reduce thickness would be to run a beam at the centre of stairs flight. For a stair run like shown above, such a beam would be hidden. Let us know how it goes. Thanks.
  7. ACI 440.1R-15

    Hi Sara, We can't share copyright material as it is against this forum's guidelines. You can read them here: Thanks.
  8. The Standard Soil Profile Type Map of Pakistan

    Fawad, You can also find values of Ss and S1 for famous Pakistani cities in IBC Overseas Building Reference. See the discussion below: Thanks.
  9. Screen Time

    Wsalaam... That is the general principle, however I was wondering if people could share their personal experiences. Here is an article about it as well: http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/screen-time-preschool-1.4140491 Thanks.
  10. Hi Sara, Here are a few standards that provide methods to test beams in flexural. Code requirements would vary with region. Thanks,
  11. Screen Time

    Hello Everyone, How much screen time would you recommend for your own kids. My son is 10 months old and I try to limit his screen time (Both TV and iPad) to max 1- 1.5 hours per day Whats your take on this? Thanks.
  12. Good Books on Timber and connections?

    Good books for timber and timber connections are the ones from the Canadian Wood Council: wood design manual, The Engineering Guide for Wood Frame, etc. All of these are listed in the CWC website: https://webstore.cwc.ca/technical-books Hope this helps.
  13. All, Please see the attached announcement. Thanks.
  14. Column design with eccentric beams

    I have designed a lot of such columns and results are always normal. Thanks.

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