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  1. Shear Wall vs Column

    You can model it both as a wall and column in two separate models and consider the most conservative results. Thanks.
  2. Flange brace design

    Sure. I would post it tomorrow when I get to work. Thanks.
  3. Android App for SEPAKISTAN

    Dear miqureshi77, Thank You for your feedback. Right now we do have a website skin that allows users on webpage to view a simpler version of the forum. The app is something that the team can look at. I can't promise it considering how busy we are right now but it is a good suggestion and we will look into it. Thank You and let us know if you have any additional comments.
  4. Flange brace design

    You should design it like you would deisgn a normal brace. The only thing to look for is that to make sure that you have considered the eccentricity b/w the flange and the brace. Consider that eccentricity in the design of brace. Other than that, it is pretty straight forward- design of member with axial force and moment at ends due to eccentricity of axial force (beam-column). Thanks.
  5. Base isolated structures (rubber isolators)

    Hello Sohaib, Can you share more details. This would make an interesting discussion. What is the scope of project and what are you building. Why are choosing to go with base isolation for your structure? Thanks.
  6. Pile Cap Design

    The same way the you would design a slab.
  7. Hilti has a software called Profis. Its free and if you use it, it will tell you the minimum embedment or capacity based on available embedment. There is development length and there is bond strength b/w the epoxy and rebar. The software would check all limit states based on concrete cracked, uncracked, submerged etc conditions considering concrete breakout and rebar failure (Same checks as that of anchor bolts). Also FYI, concrete breakout might govern failure for tension or shear load. Thanks.
  8. Moment Releases For Columns In Etabs

    You can use moment release to model hinged or pinned ends (depending on what you call rotation unrestrained boundary condition).
  9. Hello From Cuba!

    Welcome aboard Serguei. Glad to have you.
  10. Boundary Element length determining query.

    This is standard practise for manual design.
  11. Design Of Concrete Piles Under Uplift Forces

    As long as you have designed your pile to transfer the tension from the pile to adjacent soil, the concern related to concrete cracking just because a tensile load to a concrete member has been applied is minimal. You can also refer to a text book to see "things to be aware of" while designing a concrete member subjected to tension load. Pile is like a column with lateral support. Thanks.
  12. Boundary Element length determining query.

    Strain compatibility means C=T equation for reinforced concrete design. The other end is in tension. Bending of wall will create compression at one face and tension on another. You can assign Tension forces at different bar levels as T1, T2, T3 and so on and use C=T to find the value of small 'c'. Hope that helps.
  13. Introduction

    Welcome aboard Sadia.
  14. Time period of building

    Hi Zohaib. The following thread has a very rigorous discussion on time period and what values should be used. Please check it out. Also, generally speaking if the computed time period is greater than 2*Cu*Ta then you should check your model for errors. Thanks.
  15. Design Snow Load

    This is great. Thanks so much for the update.

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