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STAMPING Structural DWGS; a crime or corruption

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Dear Fellows

I have encountered an issue; draftsmen/architects take projects from clients and make structural drawings without calculations and there are engineers whose stamps are available at printing shops which are stamped for very minimal charges. Structural engineers who are stamping as designer and as vetter are having filthy money without fulfilling their duties. These designers and vetters disregard the profession and engineering community, they do not have any ethics and sense of humanity. PEC do nothing or there is no complain against them. Being engineers and specially as structural engineers this is our responsibility to raise this issue to PEC or any other authorities and more to educate our engineering community that have respect and dignity in the profession, one must not disrespect his profession or let disrespected by such black sheep in the community. If a system/community have the ability to spit the wrong things out it remains alive and working perfectly. when system/community allows everything without check, such community is already dead.   

Structural engineers do not get projects who are working earnestly due to such people. 

Main aspect of design safety of humanity is at stack .

This is totally against the PEC Code of Ethics.

This is against the PEC Code of Conduct.

Allah has bestowed us with great knowledge and brain to use for serving humanity and earning rizq e halal. We do use our brains rightly.

We should stop this corruption by whatever means we can do.We must spit these non-professionals out of our community.

This forum is one of the unique voice of structural engineering community, people comes here to get and share knowledge. I request to all the members that will stand with me on this issue.

There is immense need to educate people that structural engineering is a business of life/economy saving, the fees structural engineers charge is nothing in comparison to the cost of lives lost during any incident due to incomplete and false designs or more accurate no designs. 


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I think one do not need a PhD to differentiate right from wrong, if he ask himself. The minimal should be "Does my action causes danger to the life of any human being?" Rest paves out as we go from time to time, and from moment to moment. 

But then there are engineer who act against another engineer, or he's not ready to help a fellow engineer. That's a problem specially in Pakistani engineers. Like Pakistani architects use AutoCad (Cracked) and he does not impose himself on another Architect, by saying "Go! and buy a licensed AutoCad!!!!!!". They just work and help another architect. Sadly, you can not say this for engineers. 

Same goes for PEC..... Architects register with PCATP once. They do not register again if they want to be a consultant and pay in thousands. Similarly, they do not pay again and again if they want to be a contractor/constructor. ....... Engineer Engineer Ka Dushman Hai !!!!!!!!! (Buhut maazrat K sath)

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